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The Efficiency Notebook

I have a blue notebook that's entitled Efficiency Notebook. It was something I found in one the Father-in-Law's boxes labeled Office. The notebook's cover states that inside are 80 medium ruled and margin line sheets. After the Husband and I tore out the pages with the Father-in-Law's notes, fewer than 40 blank pages were left.

Why didn't we just throw out the notebook? I don't know anymore. Maybe the kuripot in me wouldn't let it go. Kuripot, for those curious, means cheap, thrifty, penny-pinching, or frugal in Ilocano. Some people characterize the Ilocanos, which is my ancestry, as being kuripot. But, then I could just be individually that way. When I hold my palm up, fingers naturally resting against each other, I can't see any light between the fingers. That, according to the Mama, means I'm pretty good about not spending a lot of money. Yes, that's the reason I think insurance of any kind is a scam.

Anyway, the Efficiency Notebook. I found it several months ago stashed among other half-used notebooks, and decided to make it my To-Do notebook. When I open it, I mean business. It's where I plan things I want to accomplish, whether it's for work, home, personal stuff, or volunteering. I list things I need to do and check off items as I complete them. I note websites, phone numbers, people's names, dates, and things I need to remember. The notebook actually helps me Do!

I have been glancing at my notebook for about two weeks now. I am almost ready to open it.


  1. Hahaha Love your good intentions. I do the same.... tear out the used and save a few pages but I like the skinny notebooks. I can use it for a certain subject. Guess I'm a kuripot too.

  2. LOL ... these things can't be rushed. We have notebooks like that too, and sooner or later we use 'em up.

    1. I opened it last night and was surprised to find that I don't have too many blank pages left. Had a moment of panic. LOL


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