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A Millionaire Cat

August is the month of the Mama. Meaning? I plan to share some Mama love and Mama-isms with you over the next 31 days. (Not every day, of course.) Here's the first Mama-ism.

"Again," the Mama sighed.

"What?" I asked in alarm, as I stopped nearly halfway up the stairs. I tried to peek over the balustrade (yes, the balustrade), but couldn't see anything. "What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing," she said from the living room. "It's Molly."

"What's wrong with Molly?"

"She's asleep. Again."

The Husband and I have explained many times that cats sleep a lot. They sleep after they've eaten. They sleep after they've played long and hard. They sleep when it's hot. They sleep when it's cold. They sleep when they darn well feel like it.

The Mama, however, does not accept it. Yet.

As I continued climbing the stairs, I heard Mama say, "Are you a millionaire, Molly? Are you a millionaire cat?"

P.S. I'm participating in this week's Camera Critters Meme. Click here to see other cute critters. 


  1. She does love Molly. I bet you didn't know she would like a cat that much, did you? Yes, they do sleep a lot. Especially old Puss Kitty. Oh for the life of a cat.... I wouldn't be out digging up rocks in the garden if I were a cat. Ha

    1. Nope. Neither did the Husband nor I know we would've liked a cat a lot. The wonders of life. :-)


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