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The Whole World on My Wall

The map of the world hangs on the wall above my cluttered desk and my more-than-often-than-should vacant mind. Above the map hang a few cobwebs. I'm sure Molly the Cat would be fascinated with the cobwebs if she would look up. Fortunately, the desk is too cluttered for her to find a spot to park while I work.

The map? Yes, the map. I like maps. Except for topo maps, I can read a map. Reading maps, even street maps, are fun. For me.

When I think of Africa, I see the number seven in a serif font. Australia makes me think of a terrier.

On this world map, Greenland is orange. As are Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Korea. I see no key for colors so maybe it means nothing more than that's what the creator of the map wished to color those nations.

You would think I'd gaze at that map a lot. Nope.

I put it up to inspire me. But, it only reminds me that I haven't traveled more than I would've thought I would by now. If I think long and hard of the why not's and how comes, well, let's just say I don't want to mentally go there. Still, I don't want to take the map down. I like to remind myself, now and then, how big of a world that we live on. So huge that quite a lot of people don't realize they share the same space in the infinite here with so many people who live in countries they have no idea exist.



  1. I'm with you. I like maps too. I have one on my wall and I do use it quite often because my geography is so needful of help. Did you mean you want to travel some more?

    1. Oh, my geography gets worse each year. I always thought I had a good handle on geography until the day I couldn't remember that Ireland was an island and the Only and Older Brother gave me such a look of disgust. That cracks me up thinking of it though.

      Yes, I would love to travel more with the Husband. We've only done a few long ones. He's the best kind of person to go on trips with. It's funny that I say this since it's like pulling teeth for us to just go do errands out of town.

  2. Love that you keep a map up to remind you of the big wide world. I think we often forget or get so caught up in our little slice of the world. I would love to travel more, I have a bunch of destinations on the list now if I could only make them happen :)
    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. Positive thinking, Lucy. One day, many, if not most, if not, all, will. That's how I'm taking it. Thanks for dropping by. :-)

  3. In our little house we've managed to find wall-space for a poster-sized map of Canada, the World, our solar system (Pluto is too a planet!) and a star map. We had bicycle path maps when we lived in Vancouver, street-map books in the car, (they don't tell you to turn left into a lake!) topographical maps for hiking trips, (of course they'll be useful, when we actually go hiking)and I've seen the pyramids of Giza from Google Maps Street View.
    My name's Widder, and I'm a map-a-holic.

    1. Pluto is most definitely a planet. Those silly astronomers. I like stories to have maps for me to check out the layout as the story evolves. I owe it all to A.A. Milne and his map in the Pooh books.

  4. i also like maps too. i used to have maps on my walls. when i took road trips, i'd have the atlas maps out. maps inspire me too. i can't wait to visit asia and south america. my whole life i've compared the oceans on maps and, no matter how many times i look at the area of the globe the pacific spans, i am blown away by its size.
    great to see you again:)

    1. Hi Ed! Yes, it is good to see you again.

      What gets me is when I think that there is land beneath the oceans. Oh, and that volcanic ridge that grows in the middle of the Atlantic.

  5. Su-sieee!,

    I can see that you and I both appreciate the world of maps. This was a nicely written piece and reminded me that I too am much too far behind on the kind of traveling I've always wanted to do.

    Still, a very delightful post. Many thanks for your insights.



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