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Doing 60: Planting Banana Trees

Last week, I planted my first banana trees. That's another Doing 60 for me.

The banana trees are transplants from the Mama's banana grove in another part of the yard. Click here to see where they originally stood. They were the clump on the far left side. 

Usually, I dig out the banana trees and leave them for the Mama to replant. No more. Not that the Mama can't do it. But, why let her have all the fun, right? Besides, I need to increase my strength, if I want to keep up with her come veggie gardening time.

The Mama supervised the job. I lugged them across the yard, one by one. In the photo, the banana trees look like they weigh nothing. Hah!

The Mama marked the spots where she wanted them. And, I dug.  Ping! Rock. Ping! Another rock. Ping! Ping! I enjoyed the challenge of getting the rocks out. It was so much easier than sitting in front of the computer screen and trying to think of a word that would precisely describe what I needed to say in a sentence. Ping!

It was very satisfying to place each plant into its hole and cover the hole back up with dirt. I forgot how much I like to play in the dirt. "Don't put the rocks back in," reminded the Mama now and then. She made sure the banana trees were snugly in the ground, and then made water canals around them.

I feel like naming the banana trees. Pilar, Maisie, Zebby, and uhm, LaLa, perhaps?


  1. Oh neat. I've never planted a banana tree, of course, always living in a frozen land. No, they don't look heavy but I know you had excellent instruction in the planting. Keep taking pictures as they grow. Interesting.

    1. It'll be interesting to see how the plants do in this part of the yard. It might be a bit warmer. These plants have adapted well to our climate. Shrivel and hibernate in the winter and come alive as the weather warms up.

  2. What a way to go Suzie, amazing to know how much your Mom knows about gardening and passing it on to you...I remember the banana GROVE your Mom had in the the thought you have them to look forward to as they grow...

    1. Jenn, this is the year of garden apprenticing for me. I think the Mama is happy to see me do more gardening. Probably surprised that I don't complain. Much. :-)

  3. Four little banana trees, all in a row,
    Water them, and feed them, and watch them grow!

    I remember seeing plantations of them in Queensland, Australia. Magnificent critters!

    1. Love the rhyme. I shall sing it to the banana babies as I water them.


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