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A Pause for Positivity

I can't believe it is November. How many times have you heard that lately? 

And just like that the Presidential election is over. May President Obama and Congress finally work together for the good of our country. May people stop with the scare tactics and may people stop being scared that our country has gone somewhere that it "must be taken back".

Like everywhere else, we've been experiencing strange weather in our neck of the woods. Sometimes 30 to 40 degree difference between day and night. Not complaining. No, not at all. I cannot begin to imagine the bewilderedness of going through such a fright as Sandy on the East Coast. May everything work out well for every one there.

Hmmm, I had planned to do a post about the Mama's garden. Another day. But, I shall give you a look at the banana that has bloomed in her small circle of a banana grove. She is amazed that it's growing on a "baby" stalk rather than on one of the mature ones. May this blossom grow to a size that we can eat.

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  1. How wonderful Susieee ... you have a subscribe by email button! ... erm ... was it always there?

  2. Lisa, the blossom doesn't seem to have been hurt by the cold weather either.

    widdershins, the email button? probably has. Once done, I forget. So, I have no idea if I actually did something or something just miraculously appeared. :-)


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