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Molly the Two-Year-Old Cat

Molly the Cat is turning two years old. Maybe she already has. We have no idea. We only know that she was born in August. So, I've taken to  singing Happy Birthday to her every now and then. Not too often since I don't always keep in the right key. Hmmm, could be why she way trying to avoid me the other morning. I figured she had done something she knew she wasn't supposed to do on her jaunt through the Mama's jungle of a garden.

Yes, Molly the Cat, spends time every day wandering, sitting, sleeping, and stalking bugs in the backyard. The indoor cat loves the outdoors.  Sometimes we hang outside with her.  (I like that we're outside more these days. If I had a laptop, I would just work out there.) Other times, we slide open the screen door for Molly and say, "See you soon."

She's amazing. She comes back in when we tell her to. Most times. And, without needing to bribe or tempt her with a food. Just, "Good Girl. You're such a good girl."

A few weeks ago, she learned to jump up on the fence. The first time that happened, we went nuts trying to find her in the backyard. We didn't even think to look on the fence, but suddenly there she was walking delicately into view.

We thought we would just let her out under supervision. But, that didn't work. Besides, she's so quick. Look away and voila she is up on the fence again.

So, we stalked her to figure how and where she gets up on the fence. Thank goodness, there was only one possibility. As you can see from the photo, we found a solution that has kept her off the fence.

I always thought I'd turn those old software CDs into coasters.

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  1. In the past few days, I watched two other cats jump right over those disks. Also, caught Molly in the act of jumping down the way from here. I had to cover a tree stump with aluminum foil. She's such a smart little cat.


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