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A Fine Day

"In the Philippines," the Mama said the other day, looking up at the patchy white clouds, "clouds like that meant there are lots of fish in the ocean. That's what the old people said."

In other words, those old people were saying, it's a good time to go fishing. I bet they were right, too. 

After 90 years, the Mama still recalls some of the things the "old people" used to tell her when she was a child. As she tells me, I can tell she doesn't think of herself as possibly being as old as they were—or even older—when they told her such things. I like that. A lot.

Maybe the other day was a fine day for fishing here, too. It was definitely a fine day for the Mama to sit in her garden and pot her birthday flowers. . .

. . .while Molly the Cat took a snooze nearby.

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  1. Hmm, it does look like she's in a cage. But she's not. It's open ended on both sides. One of her favorite spots to sleep in the garden. I can't get to her.


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