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A New Daydream

This morning, I read that a local farm needs a driver to deliver CSA boxes to its distribution points in several cities. Only twice a week. Only 15 to 20 hours a week. $12 to $14/hour, depending on experience.

I would love that job.

Yes, I would.

Those are not long hours at all. The pay is definitely a living wage and it would be a nice monetary supplement for this nonstarving writer.  The lifting and hauling? I may not be in the best of shape, but I can manage the up to 40 pounds per item. I truly believe that within a few weeks my strength and stamina would be greatly improved. I would be hauling boxes with the not-quite nonchalance I used to do when I was quite younger. (Hey, it's my daydream.) Besides, the Husband says he would do it with me. Just think, the farmer would get two for the cost of one.

If only I didn't have this writing project right now. And, those other responsibilities that I can't walk away from for two days a week.

I know my limits—and my priorities. So, I'll just daydream about driving a van full of organic vegetables and fruit from a farm to suburban and urban locations. That is, when I'm not stuttering out words on the computer into the early morning hours for a wage that was minimum many years ago.  Not that I am complaining. Most definitely not.


  1. Of course. You know the meaning of the word commitment. When you give your word, you keep it.
    I'm going crazy but trying to keep my commitment. Today I got baby chicks... I am crazy. They are in the house in a big box under a heat lamp because the weather turned cold.

  2. I would like the job for the romance in it.

  3. Manzi, I want baby chicks, too! Another daydream of mine. Raise egg-layers and goats to chew up the lawn. I now understand the Daddy and his raising of chickens, goats, pigs, and, yes, cows, in our backyard. Fortunately, we were outside of city limits.

    oceangirl, if I were to work that job, it's good thing it is only two days a week. My track record with physical jobs has been 3 days, before I get physically sick.

    Ed, yep, I can see you doing that, too. :-)

  4. No we don't understand this feeling for a simple life until we get older. There's nothing like a warm fresh egg, jut out of the hen house. "Now which one of you nice gals laid this?"

    You were lucky growing up... fresh milk .... cow or goat. I feel the need to move back to the ranch and I want a goat too. I still have my stainless milk bucket, just waiting. The ranch almost looks like the Hunza pictures ..... lots of climbing up and down. (Good for goats)
    Have a great weekend.


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