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You, liberals, want the government to give everything away for free.


You want free sex and free rock-and-roll!


Tickets to rock-and-roll shows cost too much for my budget.

As for sex. Pay for it? You're kidding. Right?

Ah, if only I had been more nimble minded to think of these answers not four decades ago, but just several weeks past. The funny thing was that the person who said it was not someone from an older generation. Unless, hmmm, I count my generation, which is now an older one.  

A night out means wearing my dancing shoes
and carrying my fancy old-lady purse, which was free. Oh, no!


  1. I once got propositioned by a Jiggalo in a bus station. I was a sweet young thing at the time and hand to fend them off. There were a couple of older women in the station, but he didn't hit them up. I telling him to shove off, and asking why he went after me and not them, but the guy just didn't get it.

  2. hmmm, this may come up twice. Blogger said service is unavailable when I pressed "publish"...

  3. Ah, that worked, so I shall try this again.

    Alice, in my mid-20s, I was propositioned on a busy street (in a commercial section) of San Francisco once. It still cracks me up because I was wearing my "good girl" outfit--a pink go-to-church dress, pink floral knee-highs, and flats.

  4. Charlie! I forgot about the "free" drugs. What was I thinking. I wonder if by not counting co-payments, do "they" think medications are freeeeeeee.

  5. It seems that unless "they" see you actually working somewhere, you must be living on government handouts. They may even believe that there are government "entitlement" programs that in reality do not exist. Such people live in their own delusional fantasy lands and there's no way to disabuse them of their erroneous thinking.

  6. love those dancing shoes:)
    and i love your single word responses to the goofball statements about being a liberal:)

  7. Husband (Richard to y'all): When I had an editing job, the President thought I wasn't working because I would sit in my darkened office, with my shoes off, and stare into space as I figured how to best write a complicated concept at third grade readability.

    Ed, thank you, kindly. :-)


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