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Growing Mushrooms

Last week, the husband and I bought a grow-your-own mushroom kit from Bertuccio's Market, one of our local produce stores. As you can see the kit is a very compact package. It's also very easy to take care of, as long as I remember to spritz the slits after breakfast and then again in the evening as the husband washes the dinner dishes.

Five days later—so far, so good. Little bumps are starting to burst forth.

The mushroom kit is produced by Back to the Roots, a company based in Oakland, California. According to the instructions, the kit should produce 1.5 pounds of oyster mushrooms. The first crop should appear in 10 days. After five days, I don't know about that. Maybe it means, the bumps will have grown into larger bumps and pushed their way through the bag.

We've tried growing mushrooms before, with zilch results. But, then, that was because we let the magic dry out long before we paid attention to the package. Maybe this time, it'll be different. We are, after all, a few years older  and Molly the Cat is making us (okay, me,) toe the line when it comes to doing a routine every day.

When we saw the mushroom kit at Bertuccio's Market, we didn't think about buying it for purposes of redemption. Nope. What attracted us was the fact that Back to the Roots created its kit from recycled materials. The mushrooms are growing in reused coffee grounds.  Peet's coffee grounds, in fact.

Coffee-flavored mushrooms.  Hmmmmmm. Perhaps?

Note to the FCC:  I wasn't paid nor given anything free to write about the mushroom kit. Ha!

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  1. I think you'll get to taste this special mushroom this time. Coffee flavored mushroom just sounds awesome.

  2. Well, won't that be fun. I always say, I live in a mushroom cave but now you really do. None of my kids liked mushrooms when they were little. I was glad and didn't encourage them... as it meant more for the hubs and me. But then they started liking mushrooms. Dang. Now they love them.

  3. oceangirl, you are right! The mushrooms are growing and growing. Even the Mama is impressed. She's already said to spread the dirt in the garden after we get the crops.

    Hey, Manzi! Have you tried growing mushrooms in your cave then? Yummy, yummy shitakes, portobellos, and such.


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