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Deeper into the Raging Aging Category

I believe that the husband and I have slipped into another level of the old rooty-toot fogeys.

Friday, no Saturday, was food shopping day. I pulled into a space in the parking lot, opened the door, and saw what looked like sand-over-dried-crud on the ground. Sighing, I carefully placed my feet so as not to touch it and hauled my heavy self out of the car.

"Yuck, dried vomit," I said.

"Spilled drink," countered the husband. "It's all over here, too."

I thought about moving the car, but let the moment past. I took out the grocery bags from the back seat and as I slammed the door I saw another one behind the passenger's seat.

"Can you get that bag on your side, please?"

The husband did, which meant first opening the front door, next unlocking the back door, and then fetching the bag with his bum arm. 

Now flash forward about 25 minutes. After loading our bags into the trunk, the husband and I noticed the front passenger side door wide open.

"Did I leave that open?"  he asked at the same time I asked "Did you leave it open?"

Nothing was taken. But, then, why would anyone want to even touch the mess in the back seat. Yeah, we're those kind of people.

As we started to get into the car, a woman in a red SUV leaned out her window. "Excuse me," she said. "Your door was open when we got here. We didn't want to touch it. So, we decided to wait here and watch your car until someone came."

Wow, huh?

We thanked them. I said, to my surprise, "That was very sweet of you." The woman gave me a look of surprise in return. An unexpected little-old-lady response of gratitude, I suppose.

So there you have it. The husband forgetting to close the car door in a parking lot and me saying little old lady things. Two a-little-bit-more old rooty-toot fogeys.

Heaven help us. Please.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful anecdote for that memoir you're going to write from these blog posts ... aren't you!!!

  2. Coming from a little old lady, it all sounds well and proper to me. Doesn't everyone leave car doors open?

  3. I'm amazed she made the effort to watch your car door for you.

  4. widdershins, hmmmmmmmmmm.

    Manzi, :-)

    Alice, I am, too. But then it gave her and her friend a chance to yak away. They were having a cheery gabfest when we walked up to our car.

  5. I wont laugh it will come to me soon enough

  6. The world would be so much nicer if more people would go around saying "little old lady things".

  7. In my old age, I am developing OCD, because I am terrified of locking my keys in the car. I take them out of the ignition, and put them in my purse, then I always check my purse again before I close the door to make sure they are in there!! As an added precaution, I leave the sunroof open, so in case of an emergency, I can climb up and get back in my car!!!

  8. That was so nice of her to watch your car for you. :)

  9. this is absolutely hysterical. you have such a terrific voice with these sorts of stories.

  10. Hello, Blogging Friends. The Blogger loss/blooper/lost day has been interesting, hasn't it. I am impressed that they got us all back online so quickly. Thank you Blogger, techies.

    I appreciate your comments, one and all. I did respond to some of you and those few comments are floating in virtual purgatory right now. Maybe they'll come back. But that's okay if they don't. I'm going to pretend otherwise.

    widdershins, I appreciate the encouragement. You know, I just might.

    Manzi, I will no longer wonder about why car doors are wide open in parking lots and owners are no where in sight. LOL!

    Alice, I still am amazed, too.

    Amanda, maybe not the grouchy, gripe-y things, at least.

    Judie, I'm impressed that you're willing to climb up and down through your sun roof. That actually would make a good scene in a story or script, just be sure the person is a little old lady.

    Sueberry, yes, indeed. :-)

    Ed, thanks. Flattery goes to my head all the time. :-)

  11. Well, at least it was a kind old lady thing to say. Seems most of the silver-haired types I'm seeing lately are grumpy at best. I've done the sunroof maneuver, and I was scared the whole time that someone would think I was trying to break in, which I was, but it was my car, including my kid strapped into the back seat. I was so glad the sunroof was open a little. Perhaps grocery shopping is an adventure no matter what your age.

  12. You're actually a very kind and innocent soul. I'd have wondered what kind of scam she was trying to pull.

  13. I just discovered your blog on Manzinita's "Wanna Buy a Duck" page. Your trip to the market sounds very much like something I would do! I am now a follower--how often do you publish? I don't want to miss any.

  14. KDL, I've still got my old-lady training wheels on. No doubt, there will come a day when the grumpy grumps pop out of my mouth.

    Alice, that thought did pass through my mind.

    fishducky, that's a cute avatar you have. I've committed to posting at least once a week on Thursdays. Other days when the mood strikes or time allows. Thanks for following.

  15. Thanks for the laugh!

    Oh, girl, I can totally relate! Such a wonderful story of bickering, humanity and the restoration of faith in the world today! ha!

    Thanks for a delightful stop this week.


    ps Still chuckling here.


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