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Hold that Thought

I've held many thoughts so long that I hope one day they'll pass through my mind again. Especially the funny ones.

One of my faults is suddenly interrupting the husband when he is reading or following something on TV to tell him something that bam! popped into my head. Let's just say he finds it annoying. Very. After blah-blah years together, I believe I've gotten better at holding my thoughts until he looks up or a commercial comes on. Alas, my brain has moved on to other thoughts.

I wonder if that's what the vagueness is I sometimes feel going on in my head. Random thoughts that didn't get shared by either saying them aloud (to the husband) or writing them down for  this blog. Yeah, I miss expounding about nothing and wasting virtual  space with my verbiage.

Do you think it's true that everything on the Internet is floating outwardly into the infinity of space? The waves must be pretty darn strong to break through the atmosphere and whatever else without fizzling before reaching space, the final frontier.

I really wonder if there is an end to the universe. Perhaps its perimeter is bound by some kind of fence put up by those who live on the other side. The only reason they would put it up is to keep us out. Of course, like Hadrian's Wall.

Oh, yes. I just remembered one of the thoughts I had on hold. Giving myself decrees for when and how often to post to my blog is plain redonkulous.

Catch as catch can. Can-can.


  1. Husbands are often "like that." That is why I have a dog. She always answers me.

  2. Enjoyed your rambling post very much! Regarding your last thought there....My rule for journaling in a book or online is that there are no rules. Seriously! That just lifts off the "have to" part of it and it is just for fun!

  3. Well, I'm sorry that I apparently make your mind go blank from time to time. But, Susie-Sue, you do indeed frequently start talking j-u-s-t as someone on TV is about to say that last word in a sentence I want to hear. Or j-u-s-t as I'm about to finish a paragraph I'm reading. Or you say something to me when you know that I really can't hear you over noise that's closer to me than you. I guess there's something in your genetics that makes you blurt stuff out abruptly. Part of what makes you so lovable. Hug you every day!

  4. Manzi, hahahahaha

    Brenda Susan, that's what I forgot--the fun part. I hope to do better until next time. :-)

    The husband, no need for apologies, but I am happy to see you comment. he he. My mind doesn't go blank, it just pops off to other la-la thoughts. See ya soon, oh like right now. :-)

  5. Redonkulous is as redonkulous does... Your words are worth waiting for!

  6. Maybe we haven't been fenced out like vermin, but fenced in like zoo animals.


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