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Aging, Sometimes Awkwardly

Alphabe-Thursday, hosted by Jenny Matlock at Off on My Tangent, is staring a new round of the alphabet. Whoo-hoo!  To read more A posts, click on over to here. Of course, that's after reading my A post. ~ Su-sieee! Mac

Getting older is a learning experience.


If someone gave me an operating manual for aging, I doubt that I would open it. That would be like finding out what date and time slot death has assigned me.

No, thank you.

I'm happy to grumble and gripe, cry and cringe, and mumble and moan through the aging process. The physical aspect, that is.

Seriously, I don't think I am at all that old until I happen to glance into a mirror. Fortunately, we still haven't put up another mirror in the bathroom since the old one broke last New Year's Eve.  So, what I don't see, well is what I don't see. Though a few weeks ago, someone asked me ever so sweetly and with much concern, "Are you sick?"


Heck, no. Knock on wood. 


  1. I always say age is just a number and I'm never gonna grow up. It's hard not to though... I will always keep that inner child who can come out & have fun regardless:-) Stop in & read A is for Animal

  2. um yeah...age no matter what it is comes with its ups and downs...and well...we can chose to face them or ignore this time - I am going with ignore!

  3. I used to think that old "aging isn't for sissies" line was funny, but now I'm living it!


  4. Alleluia!! haha! you seem to like getting old and I like it :)

  5. I know what you mean. I feel so young and then look in the mirror and I think it's my Grandmother.

  6. I am quite aware that I am getting older by the day. When someone tells my 88 year old mother she doesn't look nearly her age, her come-back is: "Thanks, but my knees know how old I am."

    As I round the corner from 50 towards 51 and am starting to feel some... changes coming down the pike, I'm tempted to borrow my mother's line with this twist: "Thanks, but my ovaries know how old I am."

  7. Truthfully, at 67, I continue to learn each day. My world has expanded amazingly. Just wish my physical body could keep up!

  8. I was seriously bummed out today when I found out I have to have cataract surgery. I guess I really am old! RATS!!!

  9. I'm feeling myself age everyday! It's not always fun either!

  10. I can't believe I am already 66 - but the arthritis in my knees and shoulders lets me know! I find myself moaning in my sleep every time I change positions!!!

    My Alphabe Thursday is at:

  11. upinthecosmos: You said it! My inner child especially likes it when I go bicycle riding.

    Terra, ignore as in don't dwell, yep. The way to go in my book.

    Sue, ain't that the truth!:-)

    Rocky Mountain Woman, I love that!

    Jackie, the older I get, the more I shed some of that learning that kept me on hold so much.

    Manzi, beautiful grandmother, she must've been.

    Verda, I was at the gyn yesterday and had to laugh when she mentioned ovaries. I thought of what you said. ha ha

    taylorsoutback: Amen!

    Judie, when my grandaunt had surgery on her eyes, she was able to thread a needle again. She said she had superman vision.

    the 'Trees: About nightfall is when I get all sigh-y about being older. Beats me why.

    Carmen, ouch!to your knees and shoulders. Hurrah to being 66! I think I want to drive route 66 when I reach that age.

  12. A is for ANTI-AGING! Excellent A post!
    Have a great ALPHABET week!

  13. Ugh, I know how you feel! Mirrors are evil!

  14. Verda's comment on ovaries ... I wish mine would just get up and go already!

  15. I could have used an operating manual on child rearing. All the books on it stopped shortly after toddler years. I guess they figure after that it's already too late.

  16. So far age hasn't bothered me but I do reflect on it. It is only a number and if we have good health then just get out there and enjoy every single day

  17. aging is an issue,
    I simply let it go freely.

  18. My head isn't getting any older, but oh, oh, oh my aching body!

    This was a wonderful link to Alphabe-Thursday. I think we all share in this shock and surprise that it's actually happening to us, too!

    Thanks for linking up!


    PS. Great idea on not replacing the mirror! ha!

  19. I refuse to grow old gracefully!

    (Sounds like you do too :) )

  20. love the photo. i wouldn't open a manual either, don't think.

  21. I may age, but I refuse to grow up.


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