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What's Up With Me

Hello Dear Gentle Readers,

I haven't been on vacation.  I wish, though.

I'm not sick. Knock on wood.

The mama and the husband are doing well. Thanks for wondering.

I've been blogging less because I'm not very good anymore at writing for work and writing for fun at the same time. I'm working on revisions for some career books over the next two years. If only blogging could pay the bills. So, alas, I'm down to blogging at least once a week—on Thursdays.

Take 25 to Hollister
As some of you know, I also do a blog about my home town. Take 25 to Hollister, for those of you who haven't seen it. I've stopped writing posts for that blog, too. But, not photos. Not just yet. I've challenged myself to post a photo every day. I'm up to day 61. We'll see how long I can go.

Another Book Reading Challenge

Yes. Call me nuts. Many already have and do.

This one is the annual Cozy Mystery Challenge. This will be second year. I couldn't resist. Cozy mysteries relax me after hours of dry research. So, why not throw in a challenge while I'm at it. This year, I'm aiming for the "I think I can do better" level, which means I shall read between 7 to 10 cozy mysteries. (Yes, I'll be cheating by reading some books that I'm doing for other challenges. It is allowed, however.)

Cozy Mystery Challenge 2011 is hosted by Kris at Not Enough Books. It runs from April 1 to December 31. If you'd like to sign up, click here.

So there you go. That's what has been up with me lately.

Until later, my lovely blogging friends,
Su-sieee! Mac


  1. Thanks for the update. At least you haven't been up to "no good". Ha. I love cozy's. My favorite the older I get. Am I right when when I think of them as the the old lady's mystery? Even tried my hand at writing them once but mystery plots are so inter-woven with all their red herrings and dead ends it takes a certain mind to figure the plots and characters.
    Love and peace.

  2. I did one of those 365 photo deals last year. It was a real challenge, but I made it to the very end.

  3. That's good to know... I'll move you to my 'check once a week' folder... but be warned however, I WILL be checking!

  4. Manzi, most of the cozies I've read have main characters in their 30s and 40s. Now that I've edged up towards the 60s, I want more books with middle-aged ladies to do the sleuthing.

    Alice, cool. The husband and I wandered around yesterday. I may have enough photos for a couple of weeks.

    widdershins: oh-oh. gulp. :-)


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