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The Mama's Banana Grove

A few weeks ago, the Mama and I cut back her banana trees and she stripped off the dried leaves. A banana blossom had actually made it through the frosty days. It was quite yummy.

The Mama decided to leave quite a lot of the trunks in tact. Usually, she likes to hack them almost to the ground. It shall be interesting to see how tall her tiny groves grows. Here's a close-up of how happy part of it looked last year.


  1. So neat that you can grow a banana grove!

  2. Mary,it surely is. If the climate was just a little bit hotter here, the fruit would ripen. But, I don't want it to be that hot here. :-)

  3. That is so cool! I wish I could have a banana grove.

  4. Oh wonderful bananas...... Lucky you and Mama. I used to have bananas in Florida. I miss my bananas but I don't miss Florida.

  5. Alice, maybe you can get Jack and Jill to grow a banana grove around their couch.

    Manzi, you've got me thinking about bittermelon vines growing up banana plants. :-)


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