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M is for Making It!

Today's letter is "M."

Exactly a year ago the husband and I shaved our hair completely off to see how long it would grow in one year. Our experiment is officially over.  The husband says our hair grew about six inches.

The husband (obviously!). . .

. . .and me—Su-sieee! Mac (also quite obviously!)

For the last two months or so, the husband has received comments about how he looks like ZZ Top. Maybe.

No comments for me. At least not to my face. I'd say I look like I'm in need for a hair cut. The overgrown bangs are driving me nuts, big time.

"Will we shave it again?" ask our friends.

We don't know.

The husband is wondering how long it would take for his beard to grow to the middle of his tummy.

I liked my bald look. It was easy to handle. But if I keep it growing, I might just dye it either an Anne Shirley carrot-top red or the golden brown of a lion's mane.

We shall see.

Today also marks a milestone for This and That. Here and There. Now, Sometimes, Then.  It is exactly one year old! Whoo-hooo! I really didn't think I would keep it going. Let's see how the next year goes.

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  1. Congratulations on the one year anniversary.
    Boy, you don't have one gray hair in your head. I had been putting henna on my hair most of my life and I stopped recently and WOW.... gray hair. I was surprised though, not as much as I had expected....... (for an old broad!!!) I like the color of your hair.

  2. Happy one year growing together..Your hair is back! I have the thought of shaving my head, but not the courage to do it yet..

  3. I think Anne Shirley red would be great as would a trip to Avonlea.

  4. You guys are quite a pair, shaving your heads together. What won't you kids do?


    PS. I'll bet it was pretty liberating not to have hair to deal with...Yours is lovely though, and i actually like the color. It's so shiny!

  5. What a cute little experiment ... it must have been fun to shave it all off!

  6. Good for you, I bet it feels like a cleansing!

  7. I my word, what a challenge! I would never be brave enough!!



  8. No dying of hair! Your own color is beautiful! So are you!!

  9. Thank you, Blogging Friends, for all your sweet Congratulations. I sincerely appreciate each and every one of them. :-)

    Manzi: Oh, I have white strands. They're all in the front. Must be where all my worry cells are.

    Mumsy, courage wouldn't be the word I'd pick for the husband and me. Maybe more like: "Well, here's a mountain. Shall we climb it today?" Loony, yes that could be the right word for us. :-)

    JDanie4l'sMom, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia are both places I want to visit one day. Yes!

    Sue, thank you. There are some things the husband won't agree to do. He wouldn't jump out of the plane with me. :-) Shaving the hair was indeed liberating. I will do it again.

    Jo, yes, definitely fun. The husband took a photo of himself every day. I think I lasted 2 or 3 weeks.

    Alice, thank you!

    fredamans, yes, it did, thanks for asking.

    Maggy, loony is the better word for us. :-)

    widdershins, thank you!

    Judie, thank you. I've never dyed my hair before and have always wondered. I figure I can always shave it off when I go back to my own color. Hmmm.

  10. An excellent look, and so temptingly easy to maintain. Cold in the winter though--must be nice to have the old mane back!

  11. Quite the M post! To each his own, something I don't think I'd do. But you seem fine with it and what a story to tell :)

  12. Interesting experiment! I'd be afraid mine would never grow back - and without hair, I look like such a nerd.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and Happy New Year!
    ~ Joy @ Joysweb

  13. Mañana Mama, now that the hair is back, it's begun falling out again. I think it would be funny if bald becomes my natural state.

    Theresa. Or nutsy! LOL!

    Vicki, yep! :-)

    Joy, I dunno. You look like you have a mighty fine pate under that hat. :-)

  14. Wow, you're bold! I could NEVER do that! Kudos to you! Your hair color is lovely! Get it styled and you'll look fantastic!

  15. I love it! I just have to wonder what prompted this... do you just wake up one morning and decide to shave your heads?

    I think I'd worry too much about having a lumpy misshapen head and chicken out at the last second if I ever decided to shave mine.

  16. Congrats on your one year! My one year is coming up next month.

    You're a brave woman. I could NEVER shave my hair off.

  17. Wow. A year! It's amazing how quickly your hair grew back in.

    I think it would be fun to shave my head, but I think my skull is all lumpy so I probably never will.

    And I hope I never have to!

    Thanks for the fun stop today and congratulations on your one year Anniversary.

    I always love visiting your for Alphabe-Thursday.


  18. I so want to shave my head, but I think the Koreans would think it's too "in your face". To them, bald = gangster. And a bald woman? Forget it. So I content myself with wearing it very short. Cool experiment...both u and husband have pretty hair!

  19. ryoko861, thank you. Interestingly, my hair came out more thicker than it has been in years. If I shave my hair off in two months, it'll be the perfect style in time for my reunion. :-)

    mub, the conversation that led up to the decision happened the night before. If you look under "the haircut" category, you'll find the first post about it....If you ever decide to shave it off, just close your eyes when it starts. :-)

    Cheryl, thank you! Congrats to you, too.

    Jenny, I thought my skull would be lumpy too. But, nope. I did find a bald spot on the side. :-)

    Bybee,thank you. I can just imagine how the Koreans would first react to a bald woman. LOL!


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