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The Mystery of the Christmas Presents

Sitting on our doorstep are two Christmas bags that someone left on our doorstep. The husband and I found it when we came home yesterday evening. Somebody must've come by when the mama was sweeping leaves in her garden. We brought them in and looked for tags to identify the givers. One said "Delsa" and the other said "Happy Thanksgiving."

Obviously, someone left the presents at the wrong house. So, of course the husband and I headed back outside and knocked on a few neighbors' doors. No luck at all.  Nobody was home at the house where we think the intended giftee lives. And, the other neighbors couldn't help us. All we can do is try again come morning.

We set the presents on the doorstep in case the ones who left them finally realize they got the wrong house and come back for them. I surely hope they do.  The paranoid part of me wonders if the presents contain contraband or a bomb. But, I suppose if it was the latter, we would've heard something ticking. Heck, it would've blown up by now. If we can't find the owners or nobody comes to pick them up, I suppose we'll take them to the police department. What would you do?

I don't know which is the strangest thing that has happened this year at home: These mysterious presents or the solicitation back in May. What do you think?

Today's Christmas song is "Deck the Halls," performed by Saulo Couto. The video also treats us to Mickey Mouse clips. As for today's linky party, I'm hopping around at Never Growing Old: Follow Friday 40 and Over! Come join me. Merry Christmas!


  1. Both of those are pretty strange!
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Santa wasn't wearing his glasses. Wrong delivery! Know how it goes :)

    I've always loved Mickey. He was born about the year I was.... 1930. I remember I had books of Mickey when I was little. I've sung along with your Christmas music. I sing every morning when I do my morning stuff. Cody, the dog, sings along too. Funny dog.

    Great cheer to you, husband and the mama. What a wonderful Christmas dinner you'll be having. I think I'll sit on your doorstep with my "beggar's bowl." :) I love your food.

  3. Do you think your house is a transfer station between multi-dimensional time zones?

  4. Mystery presents! We've had a few of those at our house! And then there was the gift box I sent to my sister. It was misdelivered and we never got it back, although I had a charming correspondence with the people at the address it was supposedly delivered to. They swore they never got it, and I believed them. Hope someone is enjoying those warm slippers and cuddly robe.

  5. Ok, I just HAVE to know---what happened with the misplaced gifts????

  6. I am a new follower via blog hop. Nice blog! would love a follow back if you like mine at

  7. Mary, I agree! :-)

    Manzi, where were you? :-)

    widdershins: Now, that's an idea. The ants may be vehicle for transporting things. :-)

    Galen, hope so, too. :-)

    Empty Nester, stay tuned. The final account was a complete surprise!

    40&Trying to be Fab, thank you. I'll head over to your blog in a bit. :-)


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