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Hometown Challenge

Who doesn't like to read books about her hometown or region?

Okay, maybe not you over there. But, for everyone else with their arms up, here's a reading challenge you'll like. Simply called Hometown Challenge, it's hosted by Kris who blogs at Not Enough Books  and Outwardly Pleasant. She also hosts the annual Cozy Mystery Challenge that starts in April, which I did last year.

The Hometown Challenge started in September and runs through the end of August 2011. Anyone can sign-up any time before August 1, 2011. There are four levels to the challenge—Tourist, Relocation, Local, and Founder. Kris's rules are quite flexible, so if a person lives in a small town, such as I do, she can choose books that take place in her county or nearby big cities.  For more details about this reading challenge, click here.

I'm electing to read books only that take place in my town and county—Hollister (San Benito County) California. Being a small city and county, I'm aiming to complete the tourist level, which is one to two books. My two, which, of course, are on my 2011 Reading List.  are:
East of the Gabilans by Marjorie Pierce
The Octopus by Frank Norris
Hollister, California


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