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ABC and Outdoor Wednesday: Winter

Today letter is "W."
This is what winter looks like in my part of the world. These are the low mountains of the Diablo Range that makes up the eastern border of my town and county. (Check out my other blog, Take 25 to Hollister, if you'd like to know more about my town.) We've had a few rainy days during the last few weeks, which to me means that everything is starting to get green again.

Yes, I'm spoiled. Winter in my area is mild compared to the Sierras, the Midwest, New England, Alaska, Europe, and other places that get lots and lots of snow, and sometimes blizzards. I really can't imagine living a full winter in such cold. Now and then, snow covers the mountain tops around us, but it melts within a few hours once the sun comes out. 

In good years, our winters are cold enough to make the fruit tree orchards in our area happy. The good years also give us lots of rain to fill our reservoirs. This looks like it could be one of those good years. We can only hope.

Today's Christmas medley, "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" and "We Three Kings" is performed by the Barenaked Ladies. Hope you enjoy it. Afterwards, come join me and check out the other participants at ABC Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday.


  1. cold. snow. an Albany, NY winter. and it's just begun...
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. We don't get much snow here, either, but can see it on the mountains. However, there is a possibility of a White Christmas this year!

  3. I wish we got more snow...but there is a possibility of a White Christmas this year, which would be lovely.

  4. Lovely photos and the music video was really great. have a wonderful day.

  5. No white Christmas here either... bugger!... more like a wet Christmas... we had our snow earlier this month... and maybe a bit more in January... still, there's great snow in the mountains, half an hour away

  6. Loved the music—Enjoy the warmth—

    ABC Wednesday Team

  7. Hi Su-sieee,
    Everyone wants snow for one day of the year. Go figure. I used to love snow for skiing but since I don't that anymore, I could do with warm weather. You are lucky to live where you do, in such a nice town. . Thank you for putting on the Christmas music. It's a pleasure to listen to it.

  8. You live in a beautiful part of the country! I love your photo!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  9. Loving the Barenaked Ladies. Did they always wear crewneck sweaters?

  10. Lovely shot, looks so peaceful!!

  11. Roger, yep, I'm glad I live on this side of the continent. An occasional earthquake I can take.

    Mary, I hope you get your white Christmas.

    caite, I hope you get your white Christmas, too.

    Donnie, thank you. Hope yours was wonderful as well.

    widdershins, that's the spirit!

    Linda, thank you.

    Manzi, when the husband and I lived in the city, he used to say "I want to go far, far away." A lot. We're pretty much there.

    Candace, thank you. I see you like to take photos out of the sideview mirror, too!

    Oakland D.P.: I have no idea. I discovered them the other day at Youtube. They're pretty good. I read this evening how Sir Paul thought their harmonies are far better than the Beatles.

    Nanka, thank you. Compared to living in the city, very peaceful.

  12. Good choice of W-word: Winter!
    I love/hate winter! It looks like every child's Christmas-card dream outside - lots of snow!! But it is a chore if you have to do anything outside. (I don't want to chill my paws!)
    Luckily. My sole purpose in life is to be beautiful and be petted by my Mommie.
    (Yes, I do a little blogging too.)
    Sara Cat
    Sara Cat's ABC-Wd-rd7-W


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