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G is for Giants

San Francisco Giants, that is.

Yay, Giants!

I admit it. I jumped onto the bandwagon when the Giants won the first game of the National League play-offs.

I watched some of the second game, they lost.

I missed the third game, they won.

I saw a bit of the fourth game, they lost.

I decided I was a jinx. So, I stopped watching. I didn't even read Facebook updates on how they were doing, and just read the headlines the next day.
Since I stopped paying attention to baseball after the 1995 baseball strike, I had to show my loyalty to the Giants by not watching them win the NL pennant and the World Series championship. Boy, did I miss some good baseball!

Between 1986 and the baseball strike, I was a Giants fanatic. Those were great years. Roger Craig was the "Hummmm, baby" manager. What a crew he had.  Together, Craig and team eventually worked their magic to play against the Oakland A's in the 1989 World Series. Unfortunately that series played second fiddle to the 7.0 Loma Prieta earthquake that occurred just before the third game began at Candlestick Park. I believe that there were fewer casualties when the freeway collapsed because so many us were settled in for the game.

Crazed fan, probably a bit. Does a grown woman buy trading cards for the thrill of finding a Giants player? Yeah, I still have the baseball cards.

The 1989 Giants were brilliant.  "Big Daddy" Rick Reuschel and "The Caveman" Don Robinson, my favorite pitchers, were big galoots who delivered magic from that mound. I loved how Craig put Robinson in as a pinch hitter, and he often delivered. There was the triple play combination from shortstop Jose Uribe (uncle of Juan) to second baseman Robbie Thompson to first baseman Will Clark. Fhlump! Fhlump! Fhlump!  Sweet! And, there was that time, Kevin Mitchell, in left field, caught a fly ball barehanded over his shoulder while running full speed. He managed to run into the door that wasn't locked rather then into the wall. That was so wild. 


I won't even get into my summers of watching the Giants on TV as a kid. Except to say Willie Mays is the man! Always and forever. 

So, even though I've only gone to a few Giants games and watched the games on TV with little passion these past 15 years, I am very, very happy that the Giants won the World Series.  Those guys were playing baseball big time and joyfully with their hearts and souls. I would've loved to have watched them.

Hummmm, Baby!

You want to see some real avid Giants fans. Check out this video.  Then, afterwards, head over to Alphabe-Thursday, hosted by Jenny Matlock for more tales starting with the letter G.


  1. Ummm so you're a fan - yes?!! Thanks for helping me understand this amazing sport!

  2. I guess from his that your a fan not sure what gives it a way!!!!
    I am not really a FAn of any team ( UK football aka Soccer) I find the money side and behaviour of some of the players obscene.
    What am i missing on LOL

  3. It sounds like you are just a little excited. Sorry watching it seems to jinx the team. Can you listen to it on the radio?

  4. I'm not really a sports fan but baseball is so much fun to watch in person!

  5. Hehehe I know NOTHING about sports!! But nice to see people get excited!!


  6. We're pretty excited about the win. My husband left work yesterday to watch the victory parade in the streets. He says it was fun and wild! (Wild in a good way, I mean..)


  7. jfb57: Maybe not a fanatical one. The Giants will always be my favorite baseball team.

    Tracy, the $$ and the behavior is one of the things that stopped me watching baseball back in the 1990s.

    JDaniel4's Mom. I didn't listen to the radio either. Totally wanted to make sure the Giants won. :-)

    paige: I agree!

    Amiko, Cool!

    RedTedArt, I like the excitement of playing baseball (or a form of it),too. I'm even willing to run. :-)

    Rocky Mountain Woman: Go Giants!

    Sue, that would've been fun to have seen the parade. I remember when the 49ers won the Superbowl in the 80s. We all stumbled out of the house, got in our car, and drove up and down the streets, honking our horns and shouting gleefully. :-)

    JJ, you said it!

  8. Great post! Go Giants!!!
    Have a great week!

  9. Wow. I love football. It is so fast and furious and...




    Geez, I'm ashamed.

    I am soooo dumb about sports...but I really loved your enthusiasm in this post!

    Go...Giants! Hope your score lots of goals!


    Thanks for linking to Alphabe-Thursday.

    This was a GGGGGRRRRReatttt post! (In the words of Tony the Tiger!)


  10. Coralie, thank you!

    Jenny, it's great meeting another nut! Oh-oh, will that downgrade my grade? LOL. Thanks, for the Tony-the-tiger growl!


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