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Sunday 160: A Change in Routine

The mama constantly works.
She sows and maintains her gardens.
She breaks to eat lunch and to read the daily news.
Today she also napped. 
We both wondered.

The Sunday 160 is hosted by the Monkey Man. A 160 is 160 characters, including spaces. To learn about it and to read other bloggers' Sunday 160, head over to this page.


  1. Love your little tea-cup bird feeder!

  2. perhaps she just needed a quick recharge...dont nap often but when i feels so good...smiles. nice 160.

    my 160

  3. I'm all for napping and I loved that tea-cup bird feeder too.



  4. Your words match the feeling evoked in this picture. Makes me wonder too.

    my 160

  5. reminded me of my own mom - always busy (but she regularly does her after lunch nap)...nice 160..and i also like the pic

  6. Hope the mama is only getting a little sleep to spur her on as usual!

  7. I hope mama is faring well. I worry about my mama too.

  8. Napping is good. I like napping. I'm sure she just wanted a little snooze to get ready for the next round of gardening.

  9. I don't typically nap either, but sometimes sleep will overtake me mid day. Beautiful garden and great 160.

  10. I would wonder too, in a mama who is always doing something. Love the pic, great 160!

  11. Can't help but wonder, but you know anyone can need a nap now and then.

  12. For some of us momma-types it's so hard to relax...I try.
    Mine's here:

  13. napping is wonderful. Maybe she finally decided to take time for herself :)

  14. suseee I LOVE your blog!
    Thank you for visiting mine, although I thought twice about the phrase This and That, Here and There. Now, and Then. (I didn't know it was your blog name....! Ha!)
    I love this photo, I love to see people decades older and bent over their tools, lovingly working the garden.
    And at 50 I discovered naps solve a world of problems.

    Keep writing!

  15. Suseee thanks for your visit to my blog.

    I am convinced that mamas never stop working once we stop we go until we die.

    the garden is a work of art.

    Nice to meet you

    See you next time

    Moon smiles

  16. Dear 160 poets,

    Thank you for your kind words of reassurance. I needed to hear them. I tend to worry when I needed, a characteristic I get from the mama. :-) You're all right. A nap to regenerate for the next round. Until recently, she fought at not taking naps. I don't even suggest it. So, when I saw her laying on the couch, her eyes open in a ponder, I was concerned. "Don't worry," was what she said. So, I wrote it away.

    Hugs with my best wishes to each of you.
    Su-sieee! Mac

  17. I love this photo, I love to see people decades older and bent over their tools, lovingly working the garden. thanks.

  18. Hi! :)

    your mom reminds me of my nanay (my lola)..she likes doing things around the house, I even caught her once cleaning the cupboard at 3 am bec she couldn't sleep..

    your mom's garden is so pretty, love the flowers and the birdfeeder :)

  19. snore stop, I'm glad you like the photo. :-) Appreciate you stopping by.

    Olive, yes, your nanay does sound like the mama of mine. I'm happy that the mama is more interested in keeping her gardens tidy than inside. Otherwise, it would be living in a sterile museum! Thanks for stopping by.

  20. I love the flowers - so amazingly beautiful! I am stealing the teacup birdfeeder idea - I have a giant one I can use - love it! Love the 160, too. Very talented!

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