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E is for Eccentric


Adjective: Unconventional, extraordinary, offbeat, quirky.

Noun: Character, individualist, free spirit, odd duck, kook.

"My beard is flapping in the wind," said the husband. He was standing patiently next to me as I first snapped photos of a corn maze, then videotaped the corn swaying in the wind.

He mentioned his beard flapping in the wind several times that afternoon.

As some of you know, the husband and I shaved our hair completely off in January, just to see how long it would grow in a year. The husband also shaved off his beard and mustache. He is allowed to trim his mustache, but no can do with the beard. The husband says his beard is the longest he has ever had it.

So, of course, I had to shoot a video of the husband's beard flapping in the wind. Enjoy!

If you want to read more (or again) about our haircuts, please click here. This will take you to all the posts (I think) about our hairy adventure. Scroll all the way to the bottom to read about how we came about doing it. Be forewarned: Nothing earth shattering.

Today is  Alphabe-Thursday, a meme hosted by Jenny Matlock. Come and check out other "E" posts with me.


  1. You guys are having FUN! Eccentric? Unconventional, yes. Kook? no from what I can tell. Happy E day to you two! And the beard looks deliciously cuddly. :-D

  2. I'd been going to shave my head 3 years ago for my 50th birthday and then Brittny Spears gave the whole thing a bad name that year!

    Then earlier this year, I shaved the entire back of my head by mistake. Yes, it can be done. So I got to be half bald anyway.

    You guys sound like FUNNNNNNN!

  3. What a fun video! It really is flapping in the breeze.

  4. Awesome! Maybe when the year is up, we'll find how long your hair has grown!

  5. Yes, cutting all your hair off to see how long it grows in a year IS a pretty eccentric thing to do but the love and laughter shines through the post and I'm curious to hit the link now and find out why?????

  6. Okay, it's quirky...But I LOVE it!


  7. If ever there was something to video, THAT is it. I freakin' love it.

  8. Seems Eccentric is perfect for your Letter E.

  9. Can I be you when I grow up!!!??? Thanks for the comment on my post, and for the inspiration!!!

  10. LOVE IT!!!
    This is how you are supposed to have fun LOL

  11. Dear Alphabe-Thursday-ers, Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. You've each made my day an extra more smiley-ier! ~ Su-sieee! Mac

    Francisca, yep. The husband's beard is definitely cuddly. So is he. :-)

    PJ: You're giving me ideas. Hmmmm. Except for that initial cold head, I liked the bald feeling.

    JDaniel4's Mom: Very nice flapping, don't you think?

    Mumsy, for sure. Come January, you'll see how long our hair grew. Fortunately I don't have as many tangles to comb out as the husband does.

    Marisworld, thank you. I always feels good when someone points that out to me.

    Sue, thank you. Quirky is a nice badge to wear.

    Paige, cool! :-)

    Collectin Texas Gal: And this is without a margarita! LOL

    NatureGirl: You're sweet. But, we haven't completely grown up yet.

    Ren, the simple pleasures, yep.

    fredamans: At least not erratic or erroneous. :-)

  12. I'm headed over to see why you were bald. Love this post. And definitely eccentric!

  13. Wow. Free spirits and a fun link to Alphabe-Thursday.

    Although I am a bit distracted leaving this comment since I am heading over to check out the 'bald' post next!

    Loved the little video clip. It made me smile.

    And your whole post just made my heart light.

    Thank you for that.


  14. Oh man. I can't get the link to work for the bald post. And it won't come up on my search! Darn!

  15. Jen, hello! I'm glad you enjoyed the bit of eccentricity. :-)

    Jenny, oh boy another A+. It warms my heart to know you got a cheer out of it. Thanks for the note about the link. It's the page of all the posts about the haircut. I went back and edited the post. Hope it's clearer. :-)

  16. I loved how he hollered all military on you at the end!!! He looks like a ZZ Top in the making - this was so funny!!

  17. Nan, me too. I like it when he catches me like that. He'll be flattered to know that he could look like ZZ Top. I wonder how long it would take for his beard to grow to his waist.

  18. I used to have really short hair, but it's grown to the longest ever during the last two years. I would hate to have a beard like that though. It would drive me loopy!

  19. awww, the flapping beard video is missing. :(

    good luck with the hair.


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