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Being Heavy Handed


Excuse me.

It's past midnight. Dinner was over at six this evening. I am still full.

Tonight's dinner was extra rich. I didn't realize it was. Until now.

We invited friends over for dinner, and  I wanted to serve something that would be easy to put together and eat because we were going to a meeting afterwards. So, I made fried sirloin beef wontons and shrimp and grits. The grits were cooked with gouda and cheddar cheeses. The shrimps, with a bit of onion and chives, were sauteed in olive oil, and at the last second (freshly cooked) bacon bits were stirred into the mixture. 

Fried meat bits. Shrimp. Bacon. Cheeses. Tooo, tooo heavy. I was just not thinking, was I?

The shrimp and grits dish was delicious. I followed (kinda) the Smokey Shrimp and Grits recipe at the Whistlestop Cafe Cooking blog. The cook adds creamed spinach to the dish. I didn't. Just as well.

Did I mention that we had semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies for dessert?

And, that I drank a bottle of Fire Rock Pale Ale?



Excuse me.

P.S. I've joined up at All Thingz Related's linky party today. Check out all the great projects and recipes there.


  1. Oh my word, this sounds delicious!

  2. Shrimp and grits. Hummm, being a southern girl, I woulda never thought to put the two together. I'll have to check it out=)

  3. The shrimp and grits sounds like a winner.. I love both.. and the cookies too.. wow.. yep.. Burp might be the word of the night.. lol..Patsy

  4. Tara, quick grits and shredded cheeses. Done before you know it.

    Marty, I'm thinking scallops in place of the shrimps next time.

    Patsy, the next day I ate leftover grits and was happily burping again. I'm so glad we finished the cookies this morning.

    Happy Day and thanks for dropping by, Tara, Marty, and Patsy! :-)

  5. the food, the FOOD! I am hungry now~!

  6. From the north I am and what you fixed is way different then what we eat or at least the combination but it all sounds wonderful..well the grits can I have them with sugar and milk? Now the cookies...please send some to Minnesota. I'd love them.
    Thanks for sharing. Take care and have a safe and blessed weekend.


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