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The Mama's Vegetable Garden

The Mama's Vegetable Garden in 2009
The weather was so glorious last week that the Mama started planting her vegetable garden. She was very happy to be playing in the dirt again, after being cooped up in the house during the rainy and cold days. To read more about the gardening Mama, click here.

Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mamas!

This is how the Mama's garden looks today.

Soon bean and squash vines will be climbing up these wires again.

The Mama threw these bean seeds in the ground about two weeks ago.

The first artichoke of the season!

Those are all volunteer apricot tree saplings. No idea how that happened.

The Mama at Work


  1. Oh wow, that is beautiful. Artichokes! I'm so jealous.

  2. Great pictures! And you have sun! Happy Mother's Day to you, too.


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