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When I was being ambitious last week, I planned for Tuesdays to be the post-a-list-of-things day. All because I posted the list of fellow WordCount Blogathoners.  Now here I am several hours before my imposed posting deadline with no desire to think about putting a list of something together.

Oh, well. The rules I make for myself are not set in concrete. I can be flexible. That's my lesson for me this moment.

It's a lesson I need to reinforce every so often; otherwise, I'll miss so much.

Like this evening, actually yesterday evening. As I was dumping a bowl of green waste into the compost bin, a bit of yellow caught my eye. The first sunflower of the year was opening up. It was a volunteer growing in a pot of another plant that had volunteered on its own. Flexibility.

Of course I had to run inside for my camera. Flexibility. 

After taking a photo of the sunflower, I looked around the backyard and saw other wonders. Flexibility.

Looking at the photos I took, I realize that I do have a list of things to share for today. Flexibility. 


  1. Some of the best ideas come when we break the rules. Don't limit yourself, right?

    Oh, and that last photo is my favorite. Makes me want to spend some time there:)

  2. sometimes we do need to just relax and let life happens; enjoy the ride as they say ;)

    those flowers are so beautiful, you're lucky to have them in your backyard :)

  3. All the beautiful nurturing of the flowers and plants is the work of the Mama.

    Sara and Olive, thanks for stopping by. :-)


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