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Today the DSL Modem Died

I learned this about myself today: I NEED access to the Internet.

If you heard a whine in that, then I probably was being a whimpering witch.

It's 3:08 p.m.  as I'm writing this sentence. I haven't been on the Internet for 14 hours. I had big plans for today. I was going to submit my first article to Demand Studios, do research for a writing sample, and update my Web site. OK, maybe not the last bit, but I would have found out what freelance writing jobs are available by now. I also would've been to Facebook a few times to catch up with with friends as well as play a few games of Bejeweled Blitz and Jungle Jewels to keep my hands busy as I thunk out thoughts.  Not to say there may be an e-mail message from a publisher wanting me to do a project for it.


At this moment the husband is setting up the new DSL modem that we bought an hour ago. To help him along, I stay quiet and out of the way until he wants my assistance. Oh, wait. He just asked, "What shall I do?" Without waiting for my response, he said, "I guess I call up the number."  "Yeah," I said, ever the supporting wife. Now, he's about to call the tech guys at our phone service to walk him through the installation process. Hopefully, there will be no glitches.

It turns out that the lifetime of our old DSL modem is no more than two years. So said the owner of a computer shop in town. I guess that is built-in obsolescence for you. How else are companies going to make their money?

Anyway, I am grateful that we did not have to leave town to find a modem, though if we had driven over to the next town, we could've stopped in at a bookstore. Anyway, again, the quest for the modem was fun. I did want adventure today. A couple days ago, I had thought that I would've been zip lining across a plaza in downtown San Francisco today. (A old gal can dream.) I was right though in thinking I would not be on the Internet today. Well, for at least most of the day.

What's that I hear? "Whoo-hoo!" 

The husband got the new modem working without calling any tech guys.

"Yay, the Husband! My hero!"

So, here I am, happily buzzing on the Internet.


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