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Wanna Do It?

It started by me asking the husband at the dinner table last night, “What’s the longest that your hair has ever grown?”

“About halfway down my back,” he answered.

“Me, too.” I said.

“I could reach behind at my waist and touch it with my fingertips.”

“Me, too.”

“Have you ever gone bald?” I asked.

“No,” the husband replied.

“Me, neither.”

“I’ve thought about it.”

“Me, too.”

The question popped out of my mouth, “Wanna do it?”

“Do you?”

“How long do you think our hair can grow in one year?”


Throughout last night and this morning, we asked each other, “Wanna do it?” "Shall we?" "What do you think?" "No haircuts for a year?"

When we went out this morning to shop for groceries, that’s all we planned to do. Really. Then we saw the hair salon next to the market.

And, yeah, we did it.

The Shorn Husband. . .

and The Shorn Wife


  1. I LOVE IT!! I shaved my head on a whim 4 years ago n almost everyone thought I was crazy (tho I did also get a lot of compliments)... What were people's reactions to your new look? And isnt it so much easier to have no hair, lol, it's the ultimate get-up-n-go style!!

    I salute your spontaneity :)

  2. Thanks Ziggy! A few people thought I might be sick. Many were impressed that I was willing to show the world our craziness. :-) Now that my hair has grown out, I miss the no-nothingness of before. Who knows, we may do it again next year.

  3. I love this! You guys looks cute (from the back anyway) bald! My husband has a bald spot on the top of his head and one of our few big fights occurred when I cleverly drew a face on it while he was sleeping. Who knew Sharpie is hard to get off skin, too!

    I want to draw faces on the back of your heads, too!

    Thanks for sending me this link. I totally loved it!

  4. That is some serious sheering. Did you donate to Locks of Love?

  5. Jenny, you crack me up!

    Alice, if we had had longer hair, we would've. That's a good reason for growing the hair another year.

    Ed, yup. It wasn't fun on the very hot days.:-)

  6. So Much Fun!!! -
    Now, and Always.
    love & love,, -g-


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