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Saving Cents

This morning's frenzy was all about finding e-coupons for our weekly grocery outing. As far as I'm concerned 25 cents off something is 25 cents saved. Right?

Until recently, I had been an inconsistent coupon user. Most times, I tore them out of newspapers and magazines and then forgot to bring them along or forgot what pile of papers they're under. Now I put coupons in a basket and check it before heading off to the store. Most times. Every so often the husband asks if I have a coupon for such-and-such product and I happily seek out the basket. I call that progress.

Today, I decided to go online and find e-coupons for the products we buy on a regular basis. (Something I should've thought of much earlier.) I thought it would be easy to do. Ha, ha. What was I thinking? I was very specific in my keyword searches: entering "coupon" plus the brand of the product, such as coupons Special K.  I was surprised that not all company web sites blatantly offer e-coupons. That ought to be a no-brainer. I was also amazed that many e-coupon web sites offer coupons for a fee. There also some web sites that send coupons instead of allowing subscribers to print them instantly.

I didn't feel like reading the small print at e-coupon web sites or downloading installers to print e-coupons, so I was unable to get the coupons that I wanted. That's what comes from being paranoid. I did register or sign up for a newsletter at a few company web sites.  I'm happy to report that I got one-dollar off coupons from Seventh Generation and the 50-cent off coupons from Brown Cow. Signing up for promotional offers at company web sites may be the way for me to go. Still, I won't give up on finding an e-coupon web site that has me jumping only through a few hoops to save money. Any suggestions?


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