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Getting a Booster

  1. The Husband and I received our second booster shot yesterday. 
  2. Almost everything the Husband and I do together is fun. And, so it was, as we waited for our shot and for the 15 minutes after receiving the Covid-19 booster to make sure there were no ill effects.
  3. We’re fortunate that our primary physician offers the vaccines. It makes the process less stressful and more friendly. The doctor is a perfect host, going from one station to the other to greet patients and make sure we are okey-dokey.
  4. We got to sit in the waiting room, front seat to all the action. We watched old and older people shuffle through the door, in and out. Many were couples like ourselves. 
  5. Yes, we found it crazy to think we were as old or older than the other folks. Most likely, they thought the same thing.
  6. I thought I had my vaccine card in my wallet. It was not. 
  7. The last few days, the Husband asked, “Do you have your card?” Yes, said I, with so much confidence I didn’t  check my wallet. Where else would it be? Very good question, where did it go?
  8. The Husband didn’t roll his eyes when I couldn’t find my card. 
  9. The nurse made out another card for me, thankfully. Later today when I donate blood, I need to show the card to a Red Cross person.
  10. I wrote 68 to the age question on the vaccine questionnaire, then crossed it out. That didn’t seem right. “Am I 67 or 68?” The Husband thought I was 69 until he realized he was 70. I’m two years younger. Still, I turned the form over and did some subtraction. Yeah, 68.
  11. The office manager had to race after a couple that left before their 15 minutes were up. One came promptly back while the other straggled in a few minutes later because she was talking to someone in line outside the office.
  12. I asked the young office manager if herding us, old people, was harder than herding cats. Quite sweetly, she said herding old people was far easier.
  13. When we left, more than a dozen people were waiting outside for their turn. And, yes, they were old. Good for them and us!
If it’s Thursday, it must be Thursday 13 here.


  1. Ha ha! You have a good hubby and doctor! I think we are the same age and I like to lie by one year as a sort of buffering time to get used to it!

  2. Wow, that sounds like a good visit. I haven't received my second booster yet - waiting to talk to my doctor about it.

    1. One of the advantages of living in a rural area that has no big hospital systems is the intimacy of solo private practices. Of course, that can also be a disadvantage.

  3. I just made the cut off for the 2nd booster, but I have yet to do it. Soon, likely. I just have to make an appointment.

    So, where did your card go? Did you ever find it?

    1. Since I have a new card, I’m not inclined to search. I cleaned my wallet sometime back, so it’s possible it got stuck under paperwork I threw away.

  4. It sounds like a good visit Susie. Did you manage to find your original card? Love the flowers, such a gorgeous colour :)

    1. The doctor and his crew are nice, friendly, and helpful folks, so, in a way, it makes doctor visits a pleasure. Nope, the original card is still missing. I think I might have inadvertently thrown it away when I cleaned out my wallet.

  5. I think it's romantic that you and your husband can even enjoy getting a covid booster together! And I smiled at "herding old people is easier."


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