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Yumminess x 13

Last August, I was trying to keep tabs on what I was eating so I dedicated a notebook for my food log. That lasted a week or so before the notebook became a place to note recipes I liked in books and on food sites and blogs. I actually wrote the recipes, the ingredient list precisely, the instructions in my own words. 

And, what do you know: I really made the dishes. Here are 13 dishes that I’ll definitely make again, modifying as I go.

“Quick-Fridge Pickles” from The Pickled Pantry by Andrea Chesman

“Pan-fried Pork Chops” from Amusing Foodie 

“Homemade Tomato Sauce” from Cook with Me by Alex Guarnaschelli

“Easy Freeze Salsa” from Dogwoods and Dandelions

“Seriously Fudgy Homemade Brownies” from Sally’s Baking Addiction 

“Beef and Mushroom Stroganoff”  from Gimme Some Oven 

“Cheesy Tomato Mozzarella Caprese Dip” from The Cookie Rookie 

“Easy Paleo Lemon Curd” from Real Foods with Jessica 

“English Onion Soup with Sage and Cheddar”, a James Oliver recipe at Food Network

“Jasha Maroo”, a Bhutanese spicy chicken stew, from What to Cook Today

“Easy Fudge” from Live Well, Bake Often

“Moros y Cristianos”, a Cuban rice and black bean dish, from A Sassy Spoon

“Lemon Pound Cake” from Lemon Zest by Loni Longbotham

Well, I can see how I’ve gained weight. Look at all those sweets! That fudge, oh my.

I’m taking part in Thursday 13. Check it out.


  1. "Oh, My!" . . . . sounds like "Almost Heaven!" to me.

  2. I did the food diary/log once. It didn't help anything as I am always completely aware of what I eat. I suspect it only helps those who aren't paying attention. That's a nice collection of recipes.

    1. That will probably, most likely, a very high chance of being the last one I do. I’m like that little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead. lol

  3. Fudge is good and adds no calories, didn't you know? :-) I try to keep food diaries occasionally and always end up finding it an unhelpful exercise because it makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong every time I eat.

    1. My fudge doesn’t, for sure! I suppose some people analyze and synthesize their logs for whatever reasons. I am starting to catch on to eating in moderation, one piece of fudge rather than two or three.

  4. That beef and mushroom stroganoff looks FANTASTIC! And not too impossible for me to attempt. Thank you sharing.

    1. I like easy peasy recipes, to read and do. I have a way of missing a word or sentence or two..

  5. I have about 10 meals easy meals that I love and could make with my eyes closed. I think my recipe days are over.


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