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 I am partial to the color orange these days. According to some people, orange represents joy, enthusiasm, creativity, and all sorts of things positive.  Sounds good to me.

When nephew was four or so, he liked to take his stuffed cat with him everywhere. I sometimes frustrated him because I couldn’t understand what he said his friend’s name was. “Owen’s Cat” was what I heard. “No,” he replied. “Owen’s Cat.” Back and forth we went. I couldn’t get it.

One day I happened to look closely at nephew’s stuffed cat as he said, “Owen’s Cat.” Oh. The cat was orange. Orange Cat! Auntie Susie was such a duh!

These orange and yellow flowers have begun to multiply in the front yard. I like that. I think they’re called pot marigold also known as calendula. 


  1. I'm partial to orange, too. It can be a cheerful color.

    1. It wasn’t until my 50s that I stopped thinking of orange as garish and loud.


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Thanks for the good cheer. :-)

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