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Time for Bibingka


Bibingka is a special treat Filipino mamas, aunties, and daughters make for parties and Christmas time, but I had no idea it existed until I was 16 or 17. Mama made suman, a baked dessert made of sweet rice kernels, fresh coconut milk, butter, and oodles of brown sugar. I can feel my teeth melt remembering the taste of Mama's oh so yummily drooling sweet suman. I've made suman a couple of times. Like chunks of cement. 

As for bibingka, I've winged making it a few times. Four years ago, I wrote about pumpkin bibingka. Yesterday, I made Kahlua-laced bibingka.

Mama's bibingka recipe was in her head. She modified and adapted her recipe each time she made the cake. No coconut milk, use regular milk, for instance. And when Mama made bibingka, she didn't make one pan. Uh-uh. More like three or four long glass baking pans and 1 square glass pan. We'd eat the square pan of bibingka and freeze the rest.

Me, I bake one pan. Perhaps one day I'll bake and freeze bibingka like Mama. Maybe.

Rather than making up a recipe as I went yesterday, I adapted and modified a bibingka receipe that someone gave Mama a long time ago. Because the recipe called for sweet condensed milk, I didn't add sugar. I substituted a can of coconut milk for one of the cans of water and vanilla for lemon extract. I also added pulp from two large very ripe persimmons and three happy shots of Kahlua.

The result: The bibingka came out dark rather than golden brown, which I think is due to the vanilla and Kahlua. The persimmon pulp may have added a bit of color, too. The Husband says that he can taste Kahlua. I think I need to take a sip of the liqueur to determine whether I'm tasting it or the vanilla. I am glad to say that the bibingka came out almost like Mama's, cake-like with a firm pudding-like center. Yippieee! 

Next up, one day, bibingka laced with homemade limoncello.

Stay safe and well, One and All!


  1. Hey Susie - so good to "see" you! Hope things have been going well for you? In this time it is an extra blessing to be healthy and of sound mind. Your cake makes my mouth water, and hope you are going to share it with All Seasons? Hope to see you there:) Jesh
    PS Hope you enjoyed yourself with Thanksgiving ...!

  2. I have never heard of that before. You'll make a big batch once you've perfected the recipe to your satisfaction, I'm sure. Sounds like this batch came out well.

  3. Hello,

    What a delicious sounding treat. Thanks for sharing. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a happy new week!

  4. I've never had anything like this . . BUT, I suspect it is Really Good! (looks yummy)

  5. I've never heard of bibingka but it sounds interesting, especially if it has a bit of an alcoholic kick to it :-)

  6. Another decadently wonderful tasty treat! :)

  7. Su-sieeemac - so nice to see a post from you again! And this dessert sounds delicious, especially with the Kahlua! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. Hi Suzie,

    Bibingka looks delicious. I didn't realize before that we are neighbor :)

  9. Oh my gosh. That sounds beyond delicious. I can’t imagine baking like your mother did without worrying about a recipe. That’s natural talent! Cooking, yes, you can change as you go and your soup or whatever will turn out fine, but get your cake measurements off and it could easily be a disaster.


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