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A Session of Q&A

I came across a fun meme today. It's called Sunday Stealing hosted by Bev Sykes of Funny the World. Every Sunday she posts a bunch of thoughtful questions that she has "stolen" from elsewhere for participants to answer. Who doesn't like to answer questions, especially about themselves? Intrigued? Check out Sunday Stealing here, after checking my answers, of course. 
1. The strangest place you've ever been.
The strangest place I've ever been is a thinker. Shall I consider a place itself as being strange or a place where I encountered something weird? Better yet, the unfamiliar concept of being in a certain place, and it still feels unfamiliar (thankfully) after I leave that location?

My answer. . .Thummm tha tha tha Thaaaaaaaa! . . .the hospital last year. From the moment I entered that hospital near dawn to the moment I stepped out the door the following afternoon was surreal. My gosh!

2. Unusual food combinations you enjoy.
Pancakes, syrup, and several dabs of tasty hot sauce.

3. Your best cure for hiccups.
I'm still searching, hic.

4. Something you have never done but would like to try.
Play the Taiko drums.

5. A routine you do every day without fail
I'm in my renewal era, aka retirement from The Man. lol. I've seen "School of Rock" a lot. I love that scene in the school hallway in which the uptight principal played by Joan Cusack is greeted by a male student saying "Ms. Cusack (I can't recall the character's name), You're the Man." He then gives her a nod. "Why, thank you," says Ms. Cusack. . . .See how I distracted us from the question. That seems to be my routine. 

6. Something new you've recently learned.
I read something this morning that was news to me. But, I can't recall what I read, so I guess I haven't recently learned anything other than one of my brain cells was not paying attention.

7. Your keenest sense.
Hearing. As I'm composing, I hear the snores of a crow over the faint drone of Sunday traffic on the road that's the main highway through our county.

8. Whether you prefer cooking or cleaning up.
Cooking, most times. Since I don't do dishes often (the Husband's job, hurrah!), cleaning up is fun on occasion.

9. Where were you the last time you saw the sun rise.

I stood in the hallway peeping out the window to note where the sun was in its rising, then went back to bed.

10. A recent time you were embarrassed.
It was this morning when I thought about the latest stunt of our executive leader whose public experience includes being a reality TV host. I am embarrassed that our country's laundry is out for the whole world to see.

11. An everyday sound that delights you.
The Husband's laugh.

12. The last conversation you had with a stranger.
The sales clerk at the pet store yesterday.

This being Sunday, it's also time All Seasons hosted by Jesh at The Jesh Studio. I'm heading over there, too. Click here to come along.


  1. Luckily I only get hiccups maybe twice a year.

  2. If the question were “Who made you laugh out loud this morning?”, you would be the answer! I don’t do those challenge type of memes because I’m not clever enough to think of answers that wouldn’t put everybody to sleep. Your answers woke me up! Even before my coffee. )))

  3. agree with Sallie - both on the Lol Q-A and thinking up answers!
    loved the distraction technique on that routine question...

  4. To get rid of the hiccups, I have to forget I have them. Which is a challenge when you have the hiccups. Alas, I have not found any easier way, though there must be.

    1. My hiccups are loud and high-pitched. Probably flat. It startles the Husband. He thinks I'm hurting because of the sound, but after awhile he's telling me to hold my breath. "I am," say I. "Hold it longer," says he.

  5. Great list, great answers. :) ... hiccups - what works for me most of the time is to breathe in as deeply as I can, then breathe in some more, then more, until I absolutely can't breathe in any more, then slowly breathe out. What this does is stretch the diaphragm, so that it doesn't spasm, which is what causes hiccups. :)

    1. I once knew that about the diaphragm. For some reason taking deep breaths hasn't been working. I must be missing something.

  6. Your sweetest answer: the Husband 's laugh that delights you.

    1. He was laughing a lot this morning I started to wonder if he was doing it to delight me.

  7. Love your answers! I have toast and honey every day and look forward to it every single day. I love hearing the cat’s purr and my doggie’s footsteps coming to see me when I come home. I enjoy pickled herring in sour cream and some people think that is strange. I saw the sun while driving yesterday. I see st4angers every day who tell me some deep personal secrets due to my job as a credit counsellor. Hmmm....I visited my brother only to have some put puts come out and then having to use his washroom....I have no shame.

    1. He's your brother; why waste shame on that. :-) You've intrigued me with pickled herring and sour cream. I've seen jars of pickled herring but yet to try it. Next time, I see one, I'm getting it.

  8. Love the fog creeping up over the fence, where will it go next, who will succumb to The Fog? Hey, where's Molly?
    The new thing I just learned was some of the Trumpisms polluting our ears are not just malaprops but some are "malaphors" according to the OED. Here are a few in lieu of having to think about myself...
    It's not rocket surgery, That's just peachy dory (my fav), Selling like a knife through butter. More on the malaprop side, She was favored to win and got schlonged. or It's very close to my heart because I was down there at the World Trade Center... and watched the police and firemen down at 7/11.
    Oy, what a schlong.

    1. Come to think of it, the fog came up to our level but we weren't engulfed in it. That would be cool to not see the person next to you in the fog. Shudder.

      So that's why the peachy dory. Not rocket surgery; any surgeon saying that can forget about getting money from doing work on me. You got right, what a schlong.

    2. Molly has been in hibernation. She is only interested in a cycle of sleeping, eating, and licking herself clean. I wonder sometimes if she may have a bit of OCD. She pays attention to us when she seeks her next meal.

    3. I love her attitude, but not interested in the yard?

    4. Right now she says it's either too cold, windy, or rainy. She runs out for a few minutes then comes back in saying what's that all about out there.

  9. I like cooking too , but not the cleaning part. Have a great week!

  10. A snoring crow? I love that. I must steal it for use somewhere else . . . sometime.

    1. You're welcome. :-) Years ago, we thought we were hearing a woodpecker outside but could not ever find signs of one. Then one day, we traced the sound to a crow napping on the lightpole by our driveway.


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