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Jane Austen, Jellyfish Expert?

"Are not these jellyfish simply darling?" asked Jane Austen, Action Doll, of her audience. Some
nodded in agreement while others looked doubtful.

"We only began calling these lovely things jellyfish in 1796, but they have been around for at least 500 million years," The Jellyfish Expert said. "Some of my colleagues believe that they are as old as the dinosaurs, possibly older. Imagine that!"

My theme for this year's challenge is Jane Austen, Action Doll, Seeks a New Career.

To check out other A to Z participants, click here. To learn more about the 2018 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, click here.


  1. Jane and I both love jellyfish. Cool!

  2. Cockroaches and jellyfishies will be here long after we're gone too, I reckon! :)

  3. Don't say jellyfish. I might have to pull out my crocheted ones. (I think the current count is at 24. As in, I've made 24 of them.)

  4. Being a jellyfish expert is so superior to be an icky fish expert!

  5. Hopefully nobody peed on her leg

  6. Jane loves to have a dangerous job since most jellyfish are poisonous some deadly..yikes!

    1. We both didn't know that! Jane is very brave then.


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