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Singing in the Rain

Finally! The winter rain has come to our part of the world. It began last night. A steady pitter patter, pitter patter on the roof and a swoosh and splash in the streets.

Molly the Cat and I celebrated this morning by wandering around the front yard. Actually, it was more like Molly doing her best to shepherd me back into the house. At one point, Molly sat on the doorstep looking like she was sighing at my silliness of deadheading wet daisies. If she could, I'm sure she would've folded her "arms" over her chest and tapped one paw in a "come on, come inside, get out of the rain" staccato beat.

Excuse me now as I imagine Molly's tappingness turning into her tapdancing and splashing in the rain like Gene Kelly. Hmmm, Molly has a voice quite like Debbie Reynolds, "I'm singing in the rain. . . ."


  1. Molly, yourself and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to singing in the rain:) who doesn’t love doing that. Now I must dream for legs like Cyd Charisse

    1. Molly says she wouldn't mind having Cyd Charisse legs, too, with the awesome ability to dance like her.

  2. Ah yes! I can see Molly doing that quite clearly. Rain is here too. The plants are happily drinking.


  3. The all-singing, all-dancing, Miss Molly-by-Golly and Susieee Mac Travelling Show!

    1. Lalalallalaa lala Mewww mewwwwww lalala meewlelake

  4. Her eyes look quite stern - she surely is trying to send you a message!


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