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A Monday Morning

Yesterday afternoon, and into the night, I essentially did something like a cramming session. As is my wont, I waited to the last minute to complete documents to bring to the self-help legal center at the courthouse this morning.

Monday is the only day the center is open for five hours. I made sure that the Husband and I got out of the house in time to get there at 8:00 a.m. because I was told that people begin lining up minutes before the door opens.

Half a block away I could see parking spaces right next to the building. We were so in luck!

The courthouse doors were still locked at 8:01 a.m. Peeking through the glass door, we saw no guards manning the security screening machines. Odd, right? I walked a bit further up and noticed through the windows that the shades were drawn at the counter where the court clerks ought to be. Eerie!

"Is this a holiday?" I asked the Husband.

"Is this the 19th?" he answered. "President's Day is the 19th."

"That's next week. I'm going over to the bakery. Maybe they'll know."

I took a couple of steps and happened to see the paper sign taped to the inside of the window next to the door. CLOSED for LINCOLN'S BIRTHDAY.

Oh well.

Back at the car, we were telling each other that since we're dressed we ought to go somewhere. So we headed over to a nearby local park for a walk.  My bum knees let me walk about half a mile along the path. Hurrah. The Husband walked further. When we sat on a bench for a rest before heading back to the car, I noticed that my tunic was inside out.

"It's a good thing the court was closed," said the Husband. "The impression you would've made."

A flibbertigibbet one, I suppose.  Giggle.


  1. I liked the top right off - and didn't notice "inside out" until you told me.

    I'm really happy you are walking . . I should tell you - it was a medical opinion I would be in a wheel chair - I was my regular self and refused to get in it. i said "That is not the picture of my day." (Yep, it hurt a lot and I could barely move around . . but, that's me) . . NOW i take looong nature walks with my 91 lb. pupster and no one around would guess the adventure it took to get to today. I share with you now - with too many words - to encourage you to keep up the Good Work.

    love & love,

    1. The Husband didn't notice either, but then, as he said, he's now used to me wearing my clothing inside out or reversed.

      I'm with you. No wheelchair for me. There have been days when I kind of understand how people with horrible arthritic joints would choose a wheelchair. I suppose that's an option to surgery. I might go that route this year. Part of me still says that I may be able to build up enough muscle to make my knees work. Your story inspires me a lot, Georgy. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. One step at a time, building up to more steps! Love ya, G.

  2. Actually, it was one of those fancy new designs where the 'seamage' is deliberately on the outside ... wasn't it? :)

    1. The fabric isn't faded like the other side. I just might sew a couple of pockets on this side and wear it this way. After all I'm an old woman, who looks at my kind. :-)

  3. I had no clue it was inside out....make it a new style and you will see it on the cat walks for the fall. It must have been tough to walk that distance with the pain you are in but rewarding at the same time because you did it! I have walking poles and used them and really like them, they give support to my legs and I get a bit of an upper body work out that i didn't realize.

    1. The walking poles is a great idea. I have old ski poles (not mine, skiing and me didn't go along) that I could use. There's an up and down path I want to try.

      I distracted myself by taking photos. I walked a little, stopped, clickity clicked, then walked again. Walking was okay compared to the pain I felt for 2 days afterwards. Today, they're less aggrieved. (hahaha, I like that aggrieved.)


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