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A Peeking Bougainvillea Vine

By now, if our climate was the way it once was, the bougainvillea near the front window would have died back from the frost. Instead, one of its vines taps at the window, calling to us inside, "Hiya! What ya doing? A gorgeous day, don't ya think?"

I suppose if the frost doesn't get the bougainvillea this year, I'll have to prune the vine away from the window.  The castle look in the Sleeping Beauty story really is not a good idea to attempt.



  1. Wow...look how warm it looks at your neck of the woods. We have had a beautiful white Christmas and it was -15C today and go down to -22 tonight.

    1. Brrrr. It feels warmer in the sun than it does inside the house. We've had a few days of low 30s. If only it would rain.


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