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Painting Rocks

Last month I was introduced to rock painting. Another creative outlet for me.  It's a good thing our back yard is full of rocks and there are a lot of places that I can border with them. I wonder though if the rocks mind being painted.


  1. What a great way of brightening up a garden. I don't think the rocks will mind being painted as the colours are happy ones :)

  2. I hear it is the latest craze

  3. They don't seem too upset by it! :) Do you use acrylics? How do they cope in the rain?

    1. Yup, acrylics. So far so good after 2 rainy days. It's supposed to rain tomorrow so I'm going to put out a plate I painted with acrylics to see how that fares.

  4. Now this is a fun thing to do which livens up a garden even more especially your pink bunny


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