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It's C-c-o-l-d?

The season has begun of Brrrr, Cold. 

Yet Molly the Cat and I let the bright blue sky fool us.

I'll sit outside if I darn well please, says Molly the Cat crouched very low to the ground.

Me. I'm wearing shorts and t-shirt and wandering around without socks and shoes. Giggle.



  1. I walked outside in bare feet the other day and our across-the-way neighbour (Coco the Community Cat's official Person) chided me. She's the archetypal 'little-old-lady' so I suspect she does it to retain her little-old-lady credentials. :)

  2. How cold is it in your neck of the woods? It is about 6C here but we have been in the - area and some places got snow which I hope we get.

    1. I doubt ever as cold as where you live, Birgit. I didn't ever learn the Celsius scale...Came back from translating 6C to 42F. We've had a couple of mid to high 40 nights. Fortunately, it mostly gets 20+ degrees higher during the days.


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Thanks for the good cheer. :-)

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