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Snoring Molly the Cat

"Hey, Lady," said Molly the Cat, "Be still, please."

Our Molly has a new morning pattern. She likes to sleep on my legs while I eat my breakfast as I read The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. She seems to like my choice. She rubs her face on the book before she settles into her sleepy pose.


  1. This is so cute...and so typical of cats because our Jade loves to sleep on my hubby's legs after she head butts him and licks him....always cute

    1. I tell Molly to help heal my knee by purring. She seems to know the perfect spot to stand on that makes it feel good.

  2. Lovely photo of Molly - it makes me want to reach out and stroke her head :)

    1. Purrrrrrrr, says Molly. Thank you, Eunice! Purrrrrrrr.

  3. Cute! ... do you get THE CLAW if you so much as twitch a muscle or move your legs because they're going numb? :D


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