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Jumping the Ditch

It's the letter D at ABC Wednesday. My share is a post that I originally published on April 11, 2014. To check out ABCW posts from bloggers around the world, please click here. Thanks ABCW Team!

Because I was born 10 days after the cut-off date for first graders, I was sent home on the third day of school. Fine. The Mama had her hands full caring for Baby Sister and figuring out the new house that we had moved into about a week before school started. That meant I got to go with the Daddy for part of the day. Great!

The Daddy irrigated the rows upon rows of crops on the valley floor. During his morning break, the Daddy came home to fetch me. I'd get in the car with my Golden Books, coloring books, and crayons and down the hill we would go. While the Daddy worked, I entertained myself with my books and when that became tiring, I'd wander and explore, but never too far from the car and always where the Daddy could see me. We'd go home for lunch and sometimes I'd get to go back with the Daddy.

A ditch stood between the fields and the car. It also separated me from the Daddy. Without help, I could not get over the ditch, especially when it was filled with water. One day, I decided to get over the ditch. Yup, that day it was full of water.

I jumped.  Wheeee! I landed safely on the other side.

I turned around and jumped back. Then I jumped again. Back and forth I went.

Before I knew what happened, the Daddy pulled me out of the ditch. I was not hurt.

"Your mom is going to be mad," the Daddy said in his quiet voice.

I looked down at myself all wet and muddy. Oh-oh.

From that day on, until we moved again, I stayed home with the Mama and the Baby Sister. 


  1. ;-) my mother was angry ;-)
    I've never jumped ditches again

    Have a nice ABC-Wednesday / _ Week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc=w=team)
    (want to take a preview at the new url starting round 21 ?

    1. The parents certainly put the fear in me. I didn't ever jump ditches after that day.

  2. But what a wonderful time you had jumping that ditch, eh? :D

    1. I still recall the joy and amazement of what I could do. The next time I felt that was when, as a teenager, I did my first successful legs-straight-up handspring.

  3. I would have jumped the ditch too!

  4. I'd be well behind you Susie, jumping the Ditch, I once fell in the local park's boating lake. My brother and I were in 'DEEP DOO DOO', because we weren't allowed to go to that park without an adult, and told lies to our parents, we said we were going to a nearer park which had a ranger and it was DEEMED safer than the one with the lake.
    Oh DEAR ! we were in trouble !
    I love your drawings so imaginative and colourfu, just love em!
    Hope all is good with you and The husband and The Molly Cat,
    love n hugs
    ABCW team.

    1. Thanks, Di. The things we did as a kid. No doubt so did our parents. :-)

  5. When I was a child, I loved jumping ditches!

  6. Uh oh indeed! I empathize with every one of the three of you ;>). My youngest child got into trouble with the Kindergarten teacher and I had to take him to work with me for a few months until we got things straightened out. (The crayons etc. that you took with you reminded me of that).... But I didn't work in nearly as exciting place as your daddy did! (Just like you, the kid survived and thrived after his 5 year old delinquency ;>)

    1. I enjoyed my delinquency. I found a box of comic books to keep me from getting in the Mama's hair too much. :-)

  7. Every child loves to jump a ditch and getting dirty is half the fun. My friend and I would play in the huge sawdust pile and all our clothes would be full of sawdust. It stuck to everything. My mom would be upset but it never stopped us:)


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