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Setting Around-the-House Goals

Some mornings I wake up with a mission in my mind. Today, for example, the goal for the Husband and me is to bring down another bookcase to the living room from upstairs.

Very easy, you say.


As long as I keep us on task, which means not getting distracted by something else. I have a not-so-committed goal to make something out of cabbage and ground turkey. Maybe make a non-stuffed cabbage casserole. Stuffing cabbage sounds too time-consuming. I know: What else do I have to do? Well, bring down the bookcase and all the books in that bookcase. I'd also like to go outside and prune the apricot tree while it's still cold. And, maybe one or two of the scraggly rose bushes.

It's nearly 11:35 a.m. See what I mean about getting distracted. No? Well, I just wrote this post.


  1. It's so good to know I'm not the only one.
    Thank You Very Much . . Knowing I'm in Excellent Company -
    has encouraged me. (big grin to you)

  2. That's me too. I start off tidying my computer room, find a piece of paper with some half written information on it, then have to turn on the pc and Google for the rest of it, and before I know it time's gone on and I can't finish the room before I have to go to work. :)

  3. Yup -- I can relate. Oh how I can relate. I just posted about my daily walk which I forgot to take this morning because I pulled out my IPAD (just for a second while I drank a glass of water). sure.

  4. And all of these things are important! :D

    1. We wouldn't have known until we did those other things, right?

  5. I like be being sidetracked because, look, I would not have read this post...even if it's a few days later.


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