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Impatient for the Last Frost


So-and-so website estimates that the last frost in my area will be between March 1 and March 10.


I want to sow the flower seed mixes that when (notice I saw 'when' not 'if') they blossom shall be yummmm nectar for the bees, butterflies, and other buggy guys living or roaming around our house. 


I could just sow a little bit from each packet mix now and the rest when the seeds are supposed to meet dirt.

Be an experiment: See what works.

Guess what I'm going to do tomorrow if it's not raining?


  1. Great pic Susie, I love the colours. :)

    It's bitterly cold here at the moment with thick frost everywhere. The last couple of mornings I've had to clear the van windscreen before I could go to work. The days have been nice though with plenty of sunshine, and already I'm noticing that the daylight is lasting just that little bit longer in the afternoon - roll on summer! :)

    1. Thanks, Eunice. We've been having rain so it's been warmer. A bunch of the jade plants have frozen limbs. Poor guys. I hope enough of them will make it through the frosty mornings.

  2. Replies
    1. That's pretty much it. Alas, I got sidetracked on Friday so didn't throw any seeds around. The second next sunny day.

  3. I like the idea of experimenting. You'll always have more seeds than you need in those packets annyway ... just in case the first ones don't come up.

  4. I guess I'm wrong in thinking California doesn't get a freeze. I'm sounding like my mother-in-law now. She'd hear there was snow in Amarillo and want to know how much we got. Amarillo is 800 miles from here. We actually got a freeze last night. First time in three years I think. That's probably our first and last freeze.


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