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Banana Quixote

The banana plant reminds me of Don Quixote fighting at the windmills. Don't you think? This Banana Quixote attacks the apple tree branches.

By now, the Mama's banana grove ought to be pruned back. The rain and the muddy ground have kept me from doing the job. When it's not raining, the temperatures have been in the 30s in the early mornings. I was going to say that's cold for us, but that's only because we forget from one winter to the next.

Anyway, this year I've learned that icy temperatures burn the banana fronds dry, just like not watering would. Interesting, huh?

Click here to see what the grove looks like the rest of the year.

 It's the letter B on ABC Wednesday. Click here to join in and/or check out the other participants of the weekly meme.  Thank you, ABCW team!


  1. I love this! And you are totally right with that picture- it does look like Don Quixote to me. Wishing you a beautiful week. :)

  2. To Dream the impossible'll be able to fight that windmill sooner or later

  3. I wrote about Don Quixote on abcw a while ago and the the picture reminds me of one of the illustrations I posted...I'll have have a flashback and try and find it,
    I do hope the bananas survive frost can be relentless on delicate plants.
    love n hugs,
    ABCW team.

    1. I remember your Don Quixote post and the illustration. When I saw my photo, it reminded me of the illustration. Like minds we are.
      The banana grove has always come back. What I need to do is prune off the molted (right word?) parts once the rain has stopped.

  4. it indeed looks like that story ;-) Well chosen and thought of.

    Have a nice ABC-Wednesday / _ Week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc=w=team)

  5. I didn't realize that this was a banana plant I thought it was a tree where somebody had hang on rags ! lol !

  6. I looked up Don Quixote's famous windmill scene and you are absolutely right! Also checked out your link to the banana grove in happier times. Wow! Very interesting post!

  7. Wow..i never knew such places are there....looks different

    There is a "Letter Writing Challenge" starting from the 30th of January. It would be amazing if you could participate.
    Here is the link for it, if it interests you

    1. Thanks for the invitation, DeeDee. I'll consider it.


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