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I was going to say that the Husband and I met a Mr. Squirrel at the beach this afternoon. But, he could've been a Ms. Squirrel. I wonder if there's a way to tell the gender of a squirrel. Who knows how many female squirrels I may have offended in the past.


  1. The squirrel looks like he/she would not take kindly to you picking him/her up and flipping him/her over to see what it is. Let's just call the squirrel Leslie since that can be a girl or boy's name:)

  2. Cute photo, I love squirrels.

    Over here the grey ones are classed as pests as many years ago they overtook and pushed out our native red squirrels to the point that the reds are now rare and only found in a very few small areas of the UK.

    I live close to fields and woodlands and I often see squirrels running through the trees on the estate - there was one up the tree at the bottom of my garden just before Christmas.

  3. ha! I'm cracking up about your possible offense! Cute photo...

  4. It's easy to see how they can blend right in to their surroundings when they want to.
    I don't think they mind too much if we mis-gender them. :)

    It is interesting though that our default gender is male.


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