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Is it coincidence that there are dates in both the Husband's and my family that are common? Or, is it synchronicity? I prefer thinking it's the latter. I also prefer not figuring out how it's so.

That said, November 15, for example,  is special for both the Husband and me.

November 15 is the Husband's Dad's birthday. Jim would've been 97 years old today. Happy Birthday, Jim!

November 15 is the Mama's and the Daddy's wedding anniversary. They would've celebrated 68 years together. Happy Anniversary to the Mama and the Daddy!


  1. Fun photo on top and that black and white is fabulous! Happy memories to you...

  2. Happy Anni-birth-vers-day-ery to all! :D

  3. Love these photos and the hugging a tree is priceless. Your parent's wedding picture is just wonderful to see and how pretty your mom is

    1. That tree was nearly 50 years old when I took the photo. Jim planted it when the family moved into the house....The other day, the Mama was talking about her wedding. She said it was a huge wedding and everyone partied for a couple of days.


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Thanks for the good cheer. :-)

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