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The Last Name Game

The fronds kind of form the letter E.

Roger Green of Ramblin with Roger did this fun game for his post on ABC Wednesday some weeks back. When I read the post, I thought I'd like to do the game one day. You're in luck, this is the day.

Directions of The Last Name Game: Use the first letter of your last name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real places, names, things, nothing made up.

1. Last name?  Echaore-McDavid.  Yup. That's my legal surname. Some people file me under E, while others file me under M.

2. An animal? Ewok. Okay, that's made up. Or, is it?  Emu, then.

3. A boy’s name: Evan, the coffee guy at Vertigo Coffee who can make amazing designs on coffee drinks.

4. A girl’s name: Edith, as in Edith Bunker and Jenn's sister.

5. An occupation? Event Coordinator is a real job, which I think would be fun to do. My first thought though was an Eagle Tamer, which is probably not a real thing.

6. A color? Ecru.  Is that a kind of beige or green?

7. Something you wear? Eyeglasses. Coming up with answers is getting difficult. Maybe I should've gone with the letter M.

8. A beverage? Evil water. Yuckiest—vodka and orange juice, which was the first drink I got horribly drunk on.  Okay, okay. Evil water is not real. Earl Grey Tea is real. I can never remember if its Earl Grey or English Breakfast that I don't like. There, another one—English Breakfast.

Why didn't I think of elephant for something?

9. A food? Eggplant. We had that for dinner last night. I like it with lots of cheese, but I don't cook it that way because the Husband and I don't need to eat a lot of cheese and the Mama doesn't care for a lot of cheese. The Husband and I could be rather svelte if we ate like the Mama.

10. Something found in bathroom? Empty toilet roll.

11. A place? East Palo Alto. East Oakland. Easter Island.

12. A reason you’re late? Error. Meaning I, or the Husband, or both, made a bad (again) estimation of how long it would take me or us to get there.

13. Something you shout? Ewwwww!

14. Something you hate? Someone who has an overblown ego.

15. A band? Everly Brothers.
 A song that I most associate with the group: "Unchained Melody"

That was fun. Until tomorrow.  Ciao.  Hmmm. Do Italian Canadians say, "Ciao, Eh!"


  1. Great effort, Susie! and an A+ for taking the time:):) Ecru is a yellow with a small amount of beige in in it.Happy weekend!

    1. Yaay, A+. The only time I achieved A+'s was in First Grade. :-) I need to go down to the paint store and see an ecru paint chip.

  2. When I started blogging in 2006 there were so many of these games floating around and you got tagged ! and after 100 times that you had told that your favorite color is red, that you love cats that you hate garden work, I refused to repeat myself. I just could copy and paste ! Now these games are not played very often anymore, lol !. BTW "ecru" is the color of a natural fabric which hadn't been dyed. So it looks kind of beige.

    1. Ha, I learned 3 things about you. :-) Linen is the natural fabric that comes to my mind.

  3. Wow, that is a very involved game, but you had fun with it :). I enjoyed reading it.

  4. See we get to know a little about you and it was fun to read. I like games like this so I might do one later too:)

  5. You are one of the most creative people I visit! Always up to something fun and I am always happy to drop in and say hi! I loved your share, it is good to learn little things about our friends. Enjoy the weekend.

    1. Thanks, Anne. Creativity comes in spurts for me. I'm glad you enjoy your visits here. Hope you're weekend is a good one. :-)

  6. That game looks like a real mental workout . . . The elephant portrait is marvelous.

    1. A fun mental workout though. Thanks, the elephant was from a couple years ago, one of my first drawings for the blog.

  7. Well that sounds like fun - I'd be using the letter N.
    Sitting here on a balcony in paradise (why did it take us so long to come to Hawaii?) And reading old posts , I see that Girl of the Limberlost is on your list of girlhood favorites - mine too. I have never, ever found anyone else who knew of it.

    1. Are you living in Hawaii now? Good for you! And if it's just a visit, good for you! My fifth grade teacher introduced Girl of the Limberlost to me when she read the story outloud to us, several pages every day. Now, I want to read it again. Thanks for stopping by and reminding me.

  8. No - just visiting, but I'll be back.
    I think I have a copy of this book on a box on the basement. I'll have a look when I get home.

    1. I think I have a copy, too, somewhere. It's probably in public domain. Maybe I can download it to the iPad.


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