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Red Pallets

Red Pallets Zipping Down the Highway. Sounds like a good title for something, don't you think?

Yesterday morning, I saw a rig loaded with red pallets zipping past us at the traffic light. It was a poem in movement. "There goes a picture," I said to the Husband. "Too bad I didn't have my camera out."


"That truck with the red thingies on them."

"Those are pallets. What makes that a picture?"

"Because they're red. How often do you see fire-red pallets? And, a lot of them piled high on the back of a truck?"

About seven minutes later, the Husband said, "We're coming up to the red pallets."

I fumbled for my purse, hoping the traffic lights up ahead would stay red. I got the camera out. The lights turned green. I rolled down my window. The husband pulled into the left lane to get around the truck.  I focused the camera.

Oh well. I got a little bit of the red pallets, at least.


  1. I've certainly never seen bright red pallets on a truck before, or anywhere come to that. You did well to get that photo if both you and the truck were moving, it's a great shot. I think I would have taken one too.

    1. Thanks, Tigermouse. Yes, we were both moving, the truck a bit slower than me. I did sharpen the photo somewhat in Photoshop. I hope I see another truck with red pallets again.

  2. They must be treated for some reason. It is strange to see that and it is bright red.

    1. I finally looked it up. There are 4 pallet rental companies worldwide. Red means they belong to a certain U.S. or European company. The other companies use the color blue. I had no idea other companies rented pallets. Experts recommend that the colored pallets not be used indoors because of the chemicals. Ah, Google. Truly, how did I live before it and the Internet existed.

  3. The pallets were trying to co-ordinate with the truck!

    1. You noticed how cute they looked together, too. :-)

  4. It's a fun story, awesome photo - and . . makes me happy to know you and your sweetie have fun together


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