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Poor Tree

The ornamental pear tree in our front yard is totally mixed up. Flowers are blooming on some of its branches. They are definitely pretty, but that's not supposed to happen in October.

Nor, for that matter in December or January. That was going on last year and earlier this year.

Some branches bloomed in mid or late Spring when they are supposed to do their thing.

I don't think it's because of the drought. This tree is said to tolerate drought conditions. I think it's the hot temperatures we've been having the last two months that's causing some flowers to bloom.

We have yet to see flowers bloom on every branch at the same time. If it did, wowza, I imagine it to look like a tree full of snow.


  1. My goodness, everyone has a story about the crazy weather. My friend who lives in the mountains in Beulah, Colorado says the hummingbirds are still hanging around and she had to make more nectar for them! Very odd for October. Love this photo. You are always such a kind heart, thank you. I am glad I know you. Have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. We only had a couple of hummingbirds this season. I'm thinking they found a garden with more flowers from which to drink. I appreciate your sweet words, Anne. Thank you. :-)

  2. That is pretty wild that this tree is so confused. I bet it would look lovely if they all bloomed at once. I agree with you that the weather is making it nutty

    1. It's almost like the branches are different musical notes and the branches bloom when it's their turn to toot, beat, strum, or ping. Ping!

  3. I think plants and animals tend to respond to these climatic changes faster than we torpid 'oomans do.

    1. I wonder what number this is in time that humans have screwed up the environment.


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