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A Gift from Sweet Maria

"You have beautiful earrings," I said to the woman in the grey coat walking beside me. I was going with the flow of the crowd checking out the various food booths and trucks at yesterday's San Benito Olive Festival in our county.

"Thank you," the woman replied, stopping to give me a better look at her earrings, so I thought. They were dangling earrings in an intricate delicate design with tiny balls hanging at the top and bottom. They had an East Indian look to them.

As she was telling me how she had a lot of earrings that her relatives gave her she began to take one earring off. I figured for me to look at the lovely design closer. Some women do that—take off an earring to show another woman who is admiring them. I've done it myself. Why do we do that? I don't know.

She handed me both earrings, which startled me. I studied them. "Gorgeous," I said, as I handed them back. She did not take them.

"They're yours," she said, smiling widely.

I'm sure my mouth fell open. I looked at her, the earrings, then back at her.

"I have so many earrings, I could wear one each day, and still not have worn then all. What am I going to do with all of them," she said in a joyful voice. "So, I decided that when anyone says something nice about my earrings, I'm giving them to her."


"Thank you." That's all I recall saying. Friend Jenn had us take a photo together. The woman laughed. "I rarely take photos. I don't take good photos."

We exchanged contact information, so I could send her pictures. The beautiful lady is named Maria and lives in town. I ran into her an hour or so later, but I almost didn't recognize her because she was no longer wearing her grey coat. Nor her beautiful earrings.

I asked to take a photo of her. She laughed. "I don't take photos much. Now, look at me today."

Yes, look at her. Maria, the definition of a beautiful woman, a beautiful soul.

Thank you again, sweet Maria.

Please note that the dialogue was an approximate of what I recall was said. 


  1. Oooh, what a Beautiful New Friend!!!

  2. What lovely earrings - and what a lovely gesture for Maria to give them to you because you admired them. :)

  3. Lovely earrings, lovely friend ... Jane approves!

    1. Yes, Jane was playing some grand music to accompany the showing of the earrings and the telling of Maria. :-)

  4. This is truly a special moment. How rare when someone does something as genuine as this. They are beautiful...and so is she and you!


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